7 Most Useful WordPress Widgets for Your Site

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2017)

Most Useful WordPress Widgets for Your SiteWordPress is widely used content management system due to easy customization and user-friendliness. In fact, you can create a blog on WordPress if you don’t possess the technical skills as well. In this post, check out the seven most important WordPress widgets for improving the user experience of the site.

 1. Ad Injection

If you have monetized your blog for Google Adsense, then this WordPress widget is the best for displaying the ads on the right sidebar. The Sidebar is the best place to place an ad as it is the most prominent place to click the ad or get impressions and earns the commission.

 2. Contextual Related Posts

When readers visit and view your post, then they are also interested in browsing the related posts. This widget allows showing the related posts based on the context of the content. You can utilize this useful WordPress widget to display the related posts in the sidebar of the site. It is displayed in the form of the thumbnail image and an excerpt of the post. This helps in driving the massive traffic to the site.

 3. Easy Twitter Feed Widget

This is one of the most important WordPress widgets to display the Twitter posts. It is the best way to show your latest 3-5 tweets. You can also increase the followers on the Twitter by converting the site visitors into the Twitter followers.

 4. Simple Facebook Page Plugin

It helps in increasing the follower base on Facebook. Visitors like your page through sidebar while reading the post. It also helps in showing that you are active on Facebook displaying latest FB posts. This will give an opportunity to the visitors to connect with you on Facebook and drive social traffic.

 5. Social Count Plus

For a blog, the most important factor to earn the trust of visitors is displaying the follower’s count of different social media platforms. You have to create the API for displaying the followers of Google+. For Facebook and Twitter, you have to create the app and use the APP ID to show the followers.

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 6. Social Warfare

This is one of most important WordPress widgets. It displays the popular posts based on social sharing. In fact, you can display the total shares beneath the popular posts. This will help the visitors to know your best posts and thus contributes to more traffic to the site.

 7. YouTube Channel Gallery

This WordPress widget is the best way to display the videos on the sidebar. People prefer watching videos than reading the posts. So you can drive them to the popular videos to increase the user experience. This is the best way to increase the YouTube subscribers as well.

Now that you know the best widgets for the WordPress site, install and activate them today. This will enhance the customer experience and improve the usability.

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