How to Make a Website And Make Money

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2017)

Are you looking to start a blog or a site for making money?

Then, you have landed on the right page.

In this post, I will tell you how to make a website and make money from it.

Step By Step Process on How to Make a Website And Make Money

Step 1- Planning

Planning is the first step in website building process. Before creating a website make a plan of your goals.

Short-term goals: What is the aim of making a website?

Long term goals: What are your future plans? How you will earn from it.

Conversion goals: What you want from your website like getting more visitors, more leads or sales.
A rough structure: You can do this my making a website with free WordPress domain.

Step 2- Domain & Hosting a Website

Domain Name is a name of your website like “rankdigitally”. It is essential whether it is for the purpose of getting visitors to your website, selling, generating leads or Branding.

Hosting: Hosting is a space where your website data is kept. For example, you decided to open a shop in the mall, then the name of your shop is domain and you will definitely require space where you can keep all your items so getting that space is hosting. It can be shared or dedicated or managed.

Now you may be having questions like these-

How to register a domain name?
What Kind of extension should I use?
How to host?
Will I require a developer to develop a website?
Don’t worry,  check answers to above questions below

List of Domain Name & Web Hosting Providers
1. MilesWeb
2. Godaddy
3. BigRock

Use content management system and there is no technical skill required to manage it. WordPress is the best CMS and widely used for many sites irrespective of niche. If you are a blogger, you can also use WordPress hosting.

Check the difference between Managed WordPress & Shared Web Hosting.

6 Tips on Choosing a Right Domain Name

1. Your Domain Name should be your website name
Many people have a confusion that domain and website name is same. But that is not a case, the website can be named after domain name but many websites are named differently than their domain name. Read this Difference between  Domain Name, Website Name  & Host

The difference between Domain Name, Website name & Web Host

Say you want to buy a car but can you run it without  License Plate. The  Answer is the  No. Same way the car is your website and it needs to be registered at the DMV so that now you can run on roads. But the main thing you will require a Garage to park it
Website – Car
License Plate- Domain Name
Registrar – Domain selling agency
Garage – Host

To know the owner of a website you can check

2. Generic  Names Or Brand Name Domains?
It’s better to choose a brand name in the domain as generic names like is very broad and its people’s  tendency to remember the brand name like or

3. Long v/s Short Domain Names
Domain names can be long or short depending on the meaning chosen for writing a name. The maximum can be of 67 Characters. There is always an argument whether it should be short or long

Example 1:

Example 2:

Noted the differences?

Explanation of Ex. 1: Meaning is same but the second one is disliked by typos
Explanation of Ex. 2: First one is an abbreviation of the second one, but no-one can understand the meaning of the first one

4. Are Hyphenated Names Good or Bad?
Hyphenated names are good or bad is a myth. Hyphens are good for search engines, but not good for users. So avoiding hyphen name is my suggestion,  but depends on the particular situation.

5. Avoid Plurals and affixes
Plurals should be avoided. What people usually do is just to get the domain name they insert in the end like but what if someone forgets to use and type and lands to your competitor’s website
Same way using affixes like is taking a risk if you are not getting the domain Still, if you use that then be extra cautious while promoting

6. com, Org or net
Extension name highly depends on the audience you are targeting because there are many extensions available,  but to go with .com is my personal choice due to reliability and targeting globally.
Some days back I happened to visit a website by chance. I was very impressed, but later on realized it is and then it is a completely different scenario. Still,  if you are targeting a particular country, then go for .in extension as CCTLD

Step 3- Setting Up a Website After Registering Domain & Hosting

1. Select a theme: Now after you have configured your domain by choosing WordPress from file manager of your Cpanel or Manage WordPress in WordPress hosting, select a theme which suits best for your industry.

2. Go to you reading settings and discourage search engines crawling till the time you update the content and meta tags. Also, select static page and Blog as your posts page and home as your front page if you want your main website link to be Home. For this setting, there should be Blog and Homepage so creates if the pages aren’t there.

3. Install free and the must have WordPress plugins

i. Yoast SEO
ii. SEO wizard
iii. Better WordPress Minify
iv. Easy Twitter Feed Widget
v. Google Analytics by monsterinsights
vi. IP Blacklist Cloud
vii. JM Twitter Card
viii. Limit login attempts
ix. Post Tags and Categories for pages
x. Succuri Security
xi. WP touch mobile plugin
xii. Jetpack and many more free tools and WordPress plugins

As per your planned structure,  create a menu list by selecting the appearance and clicking a menu

Step 4- Content Addition

This is a very important step in learning how to make a website and make money as “Content is King”. Make sure you don’t use copied content which you can check in Plagiarism checker or Copyscape and your content should be grammatically correct and no spelling mistake. You can use Ginger for that or you can install Grammarly.

Must check Content Marketing Guide

Step 5- Perform Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

You will not get the results of SEO instantly but it is recommended to start optimizing the website right from the first month. For more details check-

1. SEO Meaning & Important SEO factors
2. How to do Website SEO Analysis?
3. Link Building Techniques

Step 6- Social Media Marketing

By performing social media marketing, you will get instant results and conversions. The reason is it is highly targeted. Initially, perform organic social media marketing as you will not get good results with paid marketing. After making the strong followers base and good social traffic, start paid social advertising. For more details on social media marketing, check

What is Social Media Marketing?
Organic Social Media Marketing

Step 7- Earning From the Website

There are many ways to earn from the blog or site. Here are some of the effective ways

1. Adsense- By placing the ads on the site or blog which are promoted by Google. Check this out

How To Get Started With Google Adsense & Make Huge Cash Profits In No Time

2. Affiliate Marketing- It is marketing on and earning on a commission basis by promoting the products or services. It is worth joining this,

The #1 Affiliate Marketing Training Portal

3. Utilizing your professional skills and selling them, such as writing, blogging, SEO, developer, social media management, Digital Marketing, etc.

4. Placing the ads or banner of an advertising on your site’s free space.

5. Posting sponsored posts on the site.

6. Asking for donations for providing useful information.

Step 8- Advertising

In order to increase the traffic and target the right audience, you can start paid advertising on social media or by using Google AdWords. Two types of advertising which are popular are-

1. Facebook Advertising
2. Google AdWords

Step 9- Measurement And Analyzation

It is important to measure and analyze the results of all your marketing efforts. Google Analytics will help you to measure all the results whether it is organic or paid. Learn all its concepts through this Google Analytics Guide.

Here is the infographic on how to make a website and make money.


Website Building Process

I hope by following this step by step process will help you to learn how to make a website and make money.

Over to you!

Share your comments below, what is the biggest challenge you are facing in making money from the website.

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