The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising GuideAdvertising on Facebook helps you to drive huge targeted traffic in quick time along with conversions. Often people run Facebook ads but not able to get results as per their expectations. Let’s understand how to overcome this problem and drive targeted traffic and conversions through this ultimate guide to Facebook advertising.


Facebook advertising works by collecting the data from the profile of the people and target them to the specific ad.

First of all, it is recommended to set the Facebook page and optimize it by following social media optimization tips.

Facebook adverts are of the following types-

1. News feed on desktop
2. Right-hand sidebar on desktop
3. News feed on mobile
4. On Instagram
5. Audience network on mobile

Now set the first Facebook Advert campaign learning though this ultimate guide to Facebook advertising. This will not only save your money but also a valuable time in running the Facebook Adverts.

There are two ways to set up Facebook Advert

  1. Adverts Manager
  2. Power Editor

Follow the steps mentioned in this ultimate guide to Facebook advertising through Adverts Manager.

Step 1- Set Your Goals for Facebook Advertising

Before setting up the Facebook advertising campaign, it is important to set the goals. Try to answer the following five questions-

1. Are you looking to generate a lead, sales or a subscriber?
2. Want to drive traffic to the site?
3. Looking to increase followers or Page Likes?
4. Interested in generating the brand awareness?
5. Looking to drive traffic to a particular post?

So based on above questions, set your main goal to achieve from the Facebook advertising campaign. You can post the blog or content or video, engage people to the list of emails and retargeting your audience by implementing the Facebook pixel code on the site.

Step 2- Choose the Objective for Your Campaign

Objectives help in fulfilling the goal set by you at the above step for your campaign. It is classified into three categories as Awareness, Consideration and Conversion.

facebook advert objective

type of Facebook advert objectives

Awareness- This objective helps to show ads to the people in order to pay attention towards the brand. It is categorized into- Brand Awareness, Local Awareness and Reach. It helps to tell the story in the form of video or reach them to know how many people have seen their ads.

Consideration- Consideration encourages people to sign up form or visit website, install an app or spend time on the app or watch the video. By performing this action, they can convert visitors into buyers in the later stage of buying cycle.

Conversion- This objective helps in converting the visitors based on leads or app users into buyers. You can encourage the audience to visit your store or make a purchase online. It includes conversions, product catalog sales and store visits.

Step 3- Build Custom Audience

This is the most important step in this ultimate guide to Facebook advertising. Build the audience based on your target location, age, gender and language.

facebook advert audience

You can also create the custom audience based on people who have already interacted with your business or a lookalike audience who are similar to your most valuable audience. Here is the snapshot on how to build the custom audiences.

Custom Audience

1. Custom audience

It can be created based on customer file, website traffic, app activity and engagement on the Facebook as shown in the below snapshot.

1. Customer file can be created by uploading the list of email addresses you have and targeting the people based on the list on Facebook.

2. Website traffic can be targeted by adding Facebook pixel on the site and tracking the visitors of the site on the Facebook.

3. App activity lets you to target people who have completed specific action on the app or game.

4. Engagement allows you to choose four types audience including video, lead advert, canvas and Page.

Create custom audience


create custom audience-1


Video audience allows you to create a list of people and target them based on the time they have spent in watching the video.

Lead advert ads allow to create a list of people and target them based on filling or opening sign up form.

Page engagement audience allows you to target people who have interacted with your page.

2. Lookalike Audience

It is based on targeting people based on the existing audience through which Facebook take source audience and target the similar audience.

Lookalike audience

In detailed targeting, you can choose from thousands of categories based on interest, behavior and demographics to narrow down your audience and target the right people at the right time.

You can also set or exclude the connections based on the likes of your page.

Step 4- Set the Budget

Set the budget and choose the option from daily and lifetime budget. Schedule your campaigns based on reach and frequency report. Optimize the campaign based on clicks or impressions. Select the delivery method as standard or accelerated. Standard delivery will show the ads throughout the day and accelerated will maximize the ad delivery for certain period of time.

Step 5- Build the Ad and Test

Choose the right format according to the requirement from image, video, canvas, carousel and slideshow.

facebook advert ad

For testing, you can create multiple ads and test the different variations. You can perform split test by changing image, ad copy or format.

Step 6- Place Your Order

Place the order for your campaign by pressing the green button. You will be notified for ad approval once it is reviewed by Facebook advertising team.

Step 7- Measure the Facebook Advert Performance

Measure the performance of your Facebook ad in Adverts Manager by clicking the tab “Manage Adverts” in your Facebook account.

Here you can measure the campaign by calculating metrics including result, reach, cost per result, and amount spent.

So start setting the first advertisement campaign by learning through this ultimate guide to Facebook advertising.

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