7 Social Media Marketing Trends to Make Impact in 2019

(Last Updated On: February 1, 2019)
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Social Media has evolved a lot in the past few years and came as the full-blown communication channel in 2019 as more and more brands trust the social media to get the conversions or sales. Growing audience engagement and getting positive ROI to become achievable only when you’re updated with the current trends in social media marketing. In this post, check out the social media marketing trends and implement them in your marketing goals this year.

1. Building Trust through Active Participation

Trust is the key factor when it comes to building the strong online reputation of the brand. Brand should communicate with the target audience with their expertise in the given industry. This will help to provide great content that people will love to share and brand can become a thought leader of the respective industry. In 2019, the company’s CEO should share their thoughts about the brand as how their brand is valuable than others in the form of live video or other formats. This will help them to connect with the audience and entice them to purchase the product due to trust they have gained from the brand promotion. It is important for the brand owner and head to be active on the social media in 2019.

The company needs to embrace the ways to maintain the online reputation of the brand. According to eMarketer, 77% of buyers said that they buy the product if the CEO of the brand is active on social media and 82% trust the company more as there is transparency. Social media earn the trust as the communication is super quick and there is responsive customer communication.

2. User-Generated Content

This is a big social media marketing trend. You should rely on the user-generated content by your audience instead of hoping that your content marketing team will produce the content that drives engagement. Showcasing user-generated content will help to build a strong follower base on the different social media platforms. In fact, when the organic reach is down then the content created by the followers will help you to boost the traffic and drive conversions.

3. Instagram will continue to grow in 2019

Instagram marketing is one of the most important social media marketing trends in 2019. Instagram stories are still a popular way to engage with your followers and keep them investing in your brand. In fact, the ads will produce conversion if targeted to the right audience. IGTV will be a big player in 2019. It is the vertical video player targeted to mobile devices. Influencer marketing on Instagram will help you to earn most of the engagements and generate the high-quality leads and boost the ROI of the business. As Instagram supports visual features, its shoppable posts allow you to drive more conversion or sales and market the products effectively.

4. Chat Bots Aren’t a Fad, they’re a Revolution

Chatbots make possible to quickly interact with the audience and make personal communication. One can customize the brand’s voice and share the personalized content with the audience. They are helpful in communicating the message and increase the engagement. Chatbots can help business saves the cost of customer services by speeding the response time and answering up to 80% of the questions related to the routine.

5. Social Media is all about Storytelling

Storytelling humanizes the brand and make the post more relevant and captivate your audience in an effective way. According to the market research, storytelling on social media platforms directly influences the purchasing behavior of a consumer. In fact, people buy attracting to stories rather than the product itself. The effective social media storytelling will identify and sharpen your brand’s identity to stand alone from the competition and improve your brand’s bottom line.

6. Personal Branding

Personal Branding is simply building the reputation on your name marketing yourself as an expert in the industry. It is the way you present your brand to others. This is an important way to build the credibility and authority of your brand amidst the audience. Social Media is the key to managing your online reputation online.

7. Video Marketing

The selfie culture continues to grow on social media and social media video trends are not far from it. Videos are successful in gaining the interest of the social media audience. Videos are more popular in an enticing audience than the normal photo post. People spend much time on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and thus these platforms are ideal in posting the content in the form of “selfie videos” as a part of social media marketing strategy.

The Bottom Line

Follow these social media marketing trends 2019 in order to get success in marketing efforts through social media and evolve from it.

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