What is Social Media Marketing?

what is social media marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a process of getting traffic or conversions from social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Social Media Marketing is no longer only about getting traffic or conversations but now an effective channel for customer acquisition, remarketing and customer retention. It is also the best digital marketing channel to build online reputation and credibility among the users to trust your brand. In addition, due to large fan following on social media, you can easily sell your products or services to the target audience.

So after learning what is social media marketing, check out the interesting facts about social media channels.

social media marketing

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So if you aren’t targeting social media marketing in your marketing goals, then you are losing your potential customers.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Now that you have learned what is social media marketing it’s time to know the numerous benefits of social media marketing. So check out the top ten benefits of social media marketing.

  1. Helps in building the brand awareness and reputation.
  2. Drives huge and targeted traffic by reaching a wide audience and multiplying it.
  3. Improves search engine or organic rankings.
  4. Boost the conversion rates of your site.
  5. Satisfies customers and turn them from visitors to loyal customers.
  6. Improves brand loyalty and brand authority.
  7. Cost Effective than other marketing or traditional channels.
  8. Helps you to become Influencer in your industry.
  9. Helps in knowing your customers by providing useful insights.
  10. Provides better user experience and allow you to respond them.

Different Types of Social Media Marketing

1. Organic Social Media Marketing

It is the process of promoting your products or services using free tools provided by each social media profile to build a social community and interact with them. In fact, you can share the posts and respond to comments on social media profiles including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. For better results, you need to optimize the social media profiles by following the tips.

Also, check How to Drive Massive Organic Traffic To Your Website Or Blog through Pinterest.

2. Paid Social Media Marketing

Paying to display adverts for text, image, video, etc or sponsored messages to social network users based on targeting method like demographic, behavior, etc. A cost is involved based on the type of ad format used. A list of main social Media channels for paid marketing are as follows-

  1. Facebook Advertising
  2. LinkedIn For Business
  3. Twitter Marketing
  4. Instagram

Useful Social Media Marketing Tips to Grow Your Brand or Business

Here are useful social media marketing tips after knowing what is social media marketing to improve your social media efforts and grow your brand.

  1. Planning – Build social media plan including social media channels to target, a frequency of posting on the channels and scheduling time.
  2. Using High-Quality Content — Using relevant and compelling content including a call to action is the key to success. Make sure you are offering valuable content which your customers find interesting. Post a variety of content including images, videos, and infographics in addition to text-based content.
  3. Proper Image — Social media represents your brand image across a variety of different social media networks. So choose high resolution and quality images that represent your brand identity in the best possible manner.
  4. Blog — Blogging is a great medium to share your content on social media platforms. In fact, you can share a variety of topics from benefits to reasons for using your products and services.
  5. Build or Share Links — You can build authoritative links on social media channels and increase the reach and traffic to your site by commenting. You can also share other sources links which provide valuable information to users. In addition, you can even get some links in return.
  6. Track competitors- You can track your competitors and use social media strategy working for them in your planning as well.
  7. Measure Campaign Using Analytics —You can’t determine the success of your social media marketing efforts without tracking it. So Google Analytics can be used as a tool to track social media marketing campaign so that you can monitor and analyze and improve your strategies.

So plan your social media marketing strategy today!

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