5 Important Techniques for Creating a Successful SEO Strategy in 2018

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2018)

SEO Strategy Most people think that SEO is dead but actually it has evolved with the many changes in the last few years. There are many significant changes occurred in 2017 and now 2018 is almost there. So, Have you created your SEO strategy for 2018?


Then, plan your SEO strategy now by checking out the 5 important techniques which will bring huge success in the upcoming year.

Optimization for Mobile Devices

Mobile users are increasing day by day. According to the infographic by Page Traffic buzz, 48% of consumer start mobile research with a search engine. So if you don’t have the mobile site for your business, then you will lose your mobile audience by large numbers. Google is giving preference to the mobile version after mobile first indexing update. This means that if you don’t have the mobile-friendly site, you will lose a chance to appear higher in the search results. Another important technique is the creation of Accelerated Mobile Pages by simply installing the AMP WordPress plugin in case you are using WordPress. This will not only boost your click-through rates but also a chance to target a huge audience using mobile devices for search. So target optimization for mobile devices technique in your SEO strategy in 2017.

SEO Content Strategy

Your SEO content strategy should be focused to build high quality and relevant content. Create the content for the user as well as for search engines. SEO and content go hand in hand so if you have optimized your content using white SEO techniques then it will definitely yield higher rankings in SERPs. Content should be based on semantic search considering four components- velocity, variety, veracity, volume.

Google always displays the best results based on search queries, especially after Rank Brain Algorithm. So, develop the content based on user intent and try to optimize it for “Featured snippet” or answer box to get better results. There should be an internal linking optimization in the blog posts to create a better user experience by providing the relevant information. Also, maintain the keyword density and keyword proximity. It’s not about the quantity of content that matters but high quality.

Right Keyword Strategy

Focus on targeting user intent queries in the keyword research. Use Google Keyword planner for taking ideas but you will also require the exact number of people searching the keywords. So use the following tools-

  1. Long Tail Pro
  2. keyword.io
  3. SEMrush
  4. Webconfs.com
  5. KWfinder

Some of the tools will also give you the keyword difficulty score. So higher the score, highly competitive is the keyword. Also, use the auto-suggested and related keywords as shown in the below image.

Related keywordsAuto suggest keywords

Use the long tail keywords in your keyword strategy to come on the first page of Google quickly. At the same time, you can get higher click-through rates by targeting those keywords in the Page title.

Follow Link Earning Techniques

Post-Penguin 4.0 update, there is a significant change when it comes to link building strategies. Now link earning techniques are more valuable than traditional link building. Personal branding, link exchanging by building relations, link round-ups, link baiting, outreaching for linking existent content strategies are more effective in building the authority.

Guest posting, citation building, and infographic submission are still popular link building methods. But it is important to consider the factors, including domain authority, Alexa rank, relevant traffic of the website while building links. So invest your time in quality link building instead of quantity.

Go Social

Social signals play a vital role in increasing the social traffic to the site and hence the rankings. Your optimized social profile can also come in search results due to branding value. Social profile acts as the best tool in content promotion on your website to the target audience. It not only helps in promotion but also engagement. It also helps in building the credibility among the users which help them to make important decisions during the purchase of the product in the sales cycle.

So by including all these techniques in your SEO strategy in 2018, you can achieve the desired marketing goals.

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