Role of Social Media in the Growth of Startup

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2017)

Role of Social MediaSocial Media is a powerful tool to grow any startup. It helps in increasing the popularity of your brand to the targeted masses. Social Media Channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram spreads effectively the message to the right audience. It is the best platform to create the brand loyalty and increase the ROI of your start up in quick time.

In this post, check out the role of social media in the growth of start-ups.



1. Build Credibility of Your Brand

By building the consistent presence on the major social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, you can earn the trust of customers for your brand. It is important to keep the social media profile active by participating in the discussions and regularly posting on the channels. You can post events, blog posts, videos, images, infographics, etc to spread your brand message. This will help in increasing the follower base and help you to achieve the sustainable growth.

2. Increase the Traffic to Your Site

For start-ups, it is difficult to get the initial traffic but social media is an effective tool in driving the huge traffic for a new site and that too in a quick time. If you publish an effective content or post on social media then it gets multiplied due to sharing and commenting by your followers. Thus helps in building your presence as viral in the industry. Social signals also play a vital role in increasing the overall ranking of the site.

3. Quick Conversions

The role of social media is effective in driving a quick conversion. If you are looking for leads or sales, then you can utilize the power of social media. You can achieve this by adding the sign-up form on your social media page. You can even boost it by paid promotion to reach masses and targeted audience. This will help to capture the leads for your start up. You can even increase the attendees for your events in the initial stages of your business cycle. This is helpful when you are just looking to generate the awareness for your brand in the events.

4. Fast Results

The major role of social media is to deliver fast results. You will get the results in quick time after the promotion of your posts. This helps a lot for a startup in growing the business by reaching the target audience. The best thing is you can even measure the results of your posts and improve if there is any scope for improvement.

5. Brand Awareness

Creating Brand Awareness helps a lot in the growth of start-ups and social media is the best tool to create branding. If people are aware of your brand, then it is easy to earn their trust and convert them from visitors to prospective buyers.

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The Social Media act as a catalyst for the growth of start-ups. So utilize this powerful tool to drive effective results for making your brand stronger.

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