Real Estate SEO

Real Estate SEOReal estate SEO helps in driving the massive traffic to the site, increase the leads and finally contribute in improving the ROI of real estate business. There is a different strategy when it comes to performing the Realtor SEO.

What is Real Estate SEO?

It is defined as the use of SEO techniques to optimize the website in order to show up higher in the search engine result pages. Here are seven important ways on how to optimize the website and improve the traffic and conversions.

 1. Target Local Keywords

It is important to target the local keywords based on your service areas in the service pages and other content on the site. Avoid using the broad keywords as they have high competition and it is difficult to rank for them on the search engines. You can optimize the site by using the following phrases of the keywords-

City + realtor

Real Estate + City

Houses for sale near + city

City + homes for sale

City + real estate

City + real estate listings

Realtors + city

City + real estate agent

Apartments for sale + city

City + apartments for sale

Best Realtors near + city

You can use tools such as keyword Planner, keywords from PPC ads, local 3 pack results. Remember to check average search volume and keyword difficulty.

 2. Add Quality Content and a Blog

Unique and relevant content with proper optimization is the key to success for real estate SEO. Avoid adding MLS listings and instead create a unique content for the service area pages. You can include highlights, key features, excerpts from the testimonial pages, videos and attractive images.  You can also add a blog and create informative posts to attract the audience and get engagements through social promotions. These posts will also provide you a chance to appear higher in the search engine result pages. Add the main keyword in the title, description, ALT text, File name and optimize the content with the right keyword density and proximity avoiding the stuffing.

 3. Utilize the Photos and Videos

Images play a crucial role in real estate SEO. Optimize the images by adding proper file name, reduce image size and add ALT text. Home buyers love to browse the images or videos before buying the property. Thus add as many images and videos as you can to attract the buyers and close the sales.

 4. Improve the Site’s Performance

If you want to show up higher in the search engines then you need to improve the performance of the site. Build quality links to increase the domain and page authority of the site. Focus on quality rather than quantity during off page optimization and follow effective link building techniques. Improve the performance of the site by optimizing speed, increasing average time spent on the site and reducing the bounce rates.

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5. Mobile Optimization

It is important to have the mobile version of the site or responsive design in order to provide a better user experience to the mobile users. Mobile searches have risen significantly in the past few years. You can also add accelerated mobile pages to load extremely fast on the mobile devices. It is important to have the useful information on the mobile site including general home information, get directions, compare features and prices, read testimonials or reviews.

6. Build Citations

When it comes to performing the real estate SEO, then ranking at the top position in local 3 pack search results is half the battle won. But there are three major factors responsible for ranking it. First is the optimization of Google My Business profile, second is the accurate and consistent citations on the web, the last one is the getting the online reviews. Thus, it is important to optimize the site for all these key factors to get a call for buying the real estate property.

 7. Incorporate Social Media

You should optimize all the social media profiles on the platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinekedIn, etc. so that realtors can build a better relationship with the potential customers. You can perform this by posting frequently the blog posts on social media profiles. In fact, you can post the events related to properties and other content for engagement instead of direct promotion. This way the account will always be active and helps in building the credibility amidst the audience.

Summing it up!

Follow the above useful ways to optimize the real estate website. You will definitely see the rise in traffic to the site, leads and sales of the properties.

Over to You!

Share the strategies and tactics you follow to optimize the site for real estate in the comments section below.

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