Organic VS Paid Social Media Marketing

Organic vs PaidThere is always been a debate that which social media marketing is more effective- Organic vs Paid Social Media.

As there is money involved in paid social media marketing and time involved in organic social media marketing. It is important to know which is better – Organic vs Paid Social Media in the different stages of marketing cycle of a business.

Here is the post to know the type of social media marketing is better.

Organic vs Paid Social Media

Let’s understand the meaning of both of them in brief.

Organic Social Media Marketing– It is marketing of reaching the target audience on social media channels without paying anything.

Paid Social Media Marketing- It is the marketing of reaching the target audience by paying for promoting the social media posts, driving traffic to the site or conversions.

 1. Organic social media marketing can help you to reach less audience as compared to paid social media marketing.

Explanation- You can reach to people by posting to your own business page or by sharing it with the niche specific groups. But there are certain restrictions on organic social media marketing. As Facebook will disable the Group sharing feature if you perform aggressive promotions on it. Similarly, there are certain limitations for joining the LinkedIn groups and reach the target audience. At the same time, by paid promotion, you can boost the post and reach the targeted audience. By creating your own custom audience and targeting them based on interest, age, gender, demographics and location.

 2. Paid social media marketing is buying whereas Organic social media marketing is earned.

Explanation- The engagement, likes, followers and shares gained by organic social media marketing is earned and not likely to go with time. As people like, follow or share the post by engaging own their own based on interest. But benefits gained by paid social media marketing is there till you pay for them. In paid social media marketing, you will get likes, follows or shares only till the time ad is active and running in the news feed or on the right side and showing to target audience.

 3. Organic social media marketing is good in the initial stages of business. Whereas paid social media marketing can benefit at the later stages of the business cycle.

Explanation- It is better to perform organic social media marketing by following social media optimization tips in the initial stages of business. Once the profile is built, gained authority and have the strong online reputation, you can promote it by paid social media marketing. This will help people to trust on your page or account. If you start promoting the page for likes or post for engagement with fewer followers or shares, then you will not get the targeted or good results for your paid marketing. So in order to get a good return on investment, build your social media profile or page.

 4. Paid social media marketing is effective to target the specific audience. But in the case of organic social media marketing, there is no control over choosing an audience.

Explanation- In paid social media marketing, you can create a custom audience based on age, gender, location, demographics and interests. In fact, you can create audience which has interacted with your site or page on Facebook. Organic social media marketing helps you to reach people but there is no control who will interact with your page. In case you have a local business and want to reach a specific audience based on interest and location than paid social media marketing is effective than organic social media marketing.

 5. Organic social media marketing doesn’t allow you to target people who have interacted with your site. But paid social media marketing helps you to target the people based on interaction with your site.

Explanation- By placing a Facebook pixel on the site, you can retarget people who have interacted with your site in paid social media marketing. This helps to turn your site visitors into followers and finally into the buyers. As people can visit a site and forget your brand. But by seeing regular updates on their favorite social media channel, they will remember your brand for a long time. It will not only helps in building brand awareness but brand loyalty as well. As it helps in earning the trust of your followers. In the case of organic marketing, you cannot retarget people based on interaction on the site.

I hope all the above important points will help you to take the decision of choosing organic VS paid social media marketing for your business.

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