Organic Social Media Marketing

organic social media marketingOrganic social media marketing is the promotion of your page or site using non-paid social media channels. It is crucial in the initial stages of business as it helps in driving quick traffic to the site and generating brand awareness. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest, Instagram are the main social media channels for performing organic social media marketing.

How to Perform Organic Social Media Marketing?

Here are the best practices for performing organic social media marketing for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

 1. Profile Optimization

It is important to optimize the profile by selecting the appropriate settings on different social media channels. Check out the below posts for page or account creation for different social profiles.

How to create Facebook Business Page?

How to create a LinkedIn page?

For Twitter and Pinterest, you can create a profile by creating an account and follow simple steps to build the profile by signing up them. You can also create the LinkedIn account by your company name for increasing your organic reach.

After creating and optimizing your social media profile, add followers or connections by importing your contacts or by following or adding other people. Add groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and keep your accounts or page active by frequently posting and participating in discussions.

Follow social media optimization tips for organic social media marketing in order to drive conversions to the site.

 2. Social Media Posting Strategy

Following a social media posting strategy is crucial in order to get the maximum out of organic social media marketing efforts. So here are some important tips to be followed.

1. Plan an Editorial calendar in order to schedule the social media posts and prevent the usage of the same post again and again for promotion.

2. It is recommended to use target keywords in the Content of your social media posts. You can also check Google trends and reach more people by target keywords due to their popularity and latest trends.

3. Use relevant and high-resolution images for social media posts. You can use tools including Canva, piktochart, GIMP.

4. Share different forms of formats including images, videos, blog posts, service pages, snippets, etc to get better social engagements for your posts.

For better results check, Social Media Content Strategy

 3. Increase Reach of Your Posts

Increase the reach of your posts by posting on Facebook or LinkedIn groups related to your niche. This helps in driving huge traffic plus conversions. The reach of posts can also be increased by the following ways

1. Posting Evergreen or Trendy Content
2. Publishing Posts at Right Time
3. Selecting the right audience including demographics, location and interests.
4. Following correct frequency of social media posts
5. Use of proper format according to the audience and social media channel.
6. Using appropriate Hashtags (#)

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 4. Measurement & Analyzation

If you are not measuring your organic social media marketing campaigns, then you are losing chances to get better results. Follow these steps to measure social media marketing campaigns.

1. Go to your Google Analytics account. For setting up the account and knowing its concepts check Google Analytics Guide.

2. Follow this path to check social traffic Anaytics>Acquisition>All traffic>Channels. Here you can check total social traffic, time spent, bounce rate, exit rate, etc to the site.

3. To know the traffic of each social channel, click “Social” in the path as shown in the above step and check the traffic for your individual social media platforms.

4. You can also build URL for your organic social media marketing by using UTM parameters and analyze its traffic in the Acquisition section as Acquisition>Social>Network Referrals. Analyze the sessions and time spent on your shared URL on the social media channels.

For better understanding check this video

The above measurement and analyzation steps will help you to improve the organic reach and efforts for social media marketing.

For best results, follow top five social media trends.


These best practices for organic social media marketing will help you to drive huge traffic, leads and conversions in initial stages of your business.

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