Link Building Techniques

Link Building MethodsLink Building Techniques have evolved in the recent years. Check out the new and trendy methods and effective techniques.

What is Link Building?

Links contribute an important part in ranking and the major factor in the search engine ranking factors. Through links, search engines analyzed the popularity of websites based on trust, spam, authority. It also helps in maintaining the ranking of keywords at the same position.

History of Link Building Techniques

Factors used by search engine to assign value to the link

1. Global Popularity: It depends on how websites are linking to it. To gain trust and authority with the engines, you will need to do link building on popular domains.
2. Topic Specific: Links from the topic-specific site is more important than links from other sites.
3. Anchor Text: If many links are pointing to a page with the right keywords, then targeting that phrase in the anchor text has a probability of ranking high.
4. Trust Rank: The internet contains lots of spam. Linking from high authority domains can result in a significant boost to the scoring metric of Trust factor.
5. Link Neighborhood: Website linking to spam can be spam itself and linked to many spam websites called “link neighborhood”.
6. Freshness: Link building requires fresh data.

Types of Link Building Techniques

Natural or “Editorial Links”

Links through this are based on building a great content.

Link building Techniques with content

1. Create a top list on twitter and get links. Extract the data through social media tools and create content like “top 10….”, “30 best…..”. Select from data the list of people who have followers in the range of 10- 20K and include them according to the topic. By including them there will definitely be more shares.

2. Link Building with PDFs: Create a PDF and share it on an e-books or online books websites.

3. Link Baiting: Link baiting is the process of building content that is designed to get other content producers to link to it. The purpose is to increase the number of incoming links to your content and thus improving its performance in search engine results by improving referral traffic. Whether it’s a blog, an e-Book, or a viral video, the link baiting helps in many forms.

4. Link roundups: Collect websites who publish link round-ups on the daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis and ask them to publish your content to get traffic from them.

Manual or “outreach links”

Links that are based on value propositions and require to contact other websites.

Link Building Techniques without content

1. Monetary approach- Sometimes it is worth to pay some amount for a link to get high traffic from that source.
2. Location based links: Participating in forums that are location specific and driving traffic from there by building quality links.
3. Outbound content: Performing activities such as infographic submissions, guest posting.
4. Friendship/ Business Relationship: Asking your friend or business partners to provide link by a site-wide link or widgets.
5. Ego Bait: Inserting badges like “Best Food Bloggers” on other websites.
6. Website content: Inserting social share buttons to share the content across the web.

Self Created or “Non-Editorial links”

This is the method of building links having the lowest value, but can still have an impact for some sites. This is often considered as spam and should be built with a caution.

Link Building Methods

1. How does Forum submission help in promoting your website?

Forum submission can not only boost the SEO ranking but attracts more followers through forum commenting. The high-quality forum submission attracts the users, and usually, there is a backlink building from it. So most of the people click and get converted if it’s a good content. And website gets more traffic as well.

2. Question & Answer Participation:

It is mainly a query of the user seeking answers from others. Like Quora, yahoo answers, etc.

Link Building by answering questions
By providing a detailed answer to questions you create a rich content on a service with high authority in the search engines.
A well-answered question makes visitors think if the answer is so informative then how much more information is there will be if I click the link. Thus, it not only improves its rankings but at the same time generate traffic to your website as well.

Recommended for all kinds of e-commerce, bloggers, education industries.

3. Blog Commenting:

It is basically an article which needs a discussion of people through the comment section. When you post a comment on a blog having high traffic, if your comment was relevant and interesting, visitors may follow the link in your comment to visit your website. Since you should always be posting comments on blogs within your niche, you will gain targeted traffic AND links through blog commenting.
Recommended for all kinds of e-commerce, bloggers, education industries.

4. Business Listing:

This is not trendy, but good for citation building and increases citation flow of the website.
Recommended for all local businesses.

5. Profile creation:

As a blogger, you can create profiles on Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Digg, Delicious etc.
Recommended for all Bloggers, Digital Marketers.

6. Document Sharing:

This method is good for those who are running online courses or want to share knowledge and drive traffic.
Recommended for education, informational websites.

7. Image submissions:

Visual appeal always catches the readers interest so share more and more images.
Recommended for home decor, websites related to art, landscaping, paving, fences etc.

Effective Link Building Techniques in 2018

1. Link Reclamation:

If you have been able to find an opportunity to link or you’ve been mentioned. This way you can properly linked. You can inform the webmaster they just didn’t find the right URL, maybe they misspelled your domain name, all kinds of reasons suggests why someone might do that in an incorrect way.

2. Guest Posting:

Guest Posting is perfectly acceptable in 2016 provided you are publishing a great content and on a high authoritative site. Write the guest blog post and include backlinks from your content. Give a call to action or downloadable items link to your website.
Recommended for start-ups, newbies. Digital Marketers, travel sites, Healthcare, Technology, etc.

3. Infographic Submission:

This is a technique when you have visual appeal to a content. Create infographic related to the trendy topic in your niche and search articles where it can be featured. Post a simple email to that website admin to publish your infographic and get links from the high authority website.
Recommended for Bloggers, Digital Marketers.

4. Broken Link Building:

It is a process of contacting the webmasters of the site having broken links on the site. You can ask them to rectify the broken link and place the target link of your site. This will help to get the more traffic if done on the authoritative sites.
Recommended for small to medium businesses, Bloggers, etc.

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