6 Point Instagram Influencer Marketing Checklist

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2018)

Instagram Influencer MarketingInfluencers are taking the advantage of the platforms like Youtube and blog and now they are growing in huge number on Instagram. In this post, check out the six-point checklist on how to perform Instagram Influencer Marketing.

# 1- Define the Goal

This is the most important point of Instagram Influencer Marketing checklist. Without a goal, there is nothing to achieve. It’s crucial to set the goals and launch the marketing campaign. You should also measure the effectiveness of that marketing campaign. Ask yourself that, do you want to gain more followers? Or Do you want to drive the traffic? Or Are you interested in increasing the conversion rate or revenue? Whatever the goal is, clearly define it and execute the campaign and make the necessary changes.

#2- Define Your Performance Metrics

Now that you have decided the goal, define the key performance indicators or metrics to measure the success of your goal. You should know which metrics are relevant to your goal. KPI can be impressions, clicks, engagements, reach, brand awareness. If your goal is to drive more revenue than your KPI will be high click-through rates.

# 3- Look For Your Ideal Influencers

This is a crucial point of Instagram Influencer marketing checklist. If you want to drive the massive traffic to the site then look for mega Influencers. At the same time, if you are looking to win the trust of small audience you can go for the micro Influencers. Remember to work with the Influencer who creates the content relevant to your Industry. This will yield better results for your Instagram marketing campaigns.

#4- Execute Campaign Fit for Your Goal

You can promote the campaigns through sponsored posts or simply the brand mention. This will help you to educate the target audience to win the trust and buy the products. You can even share your account with the influencers. The best thing about this is it will help to increase the followers and engage the audience to the content. The options are endless but you need to explore the opportunities.

#5- Maintain Transparency

Instagram has full transparency with the sponsored posts. Influencers can add the tag and make the most of it. So enable your influencers to use this tag and keep the transparency while promoting campaigns on the Instagram.

#6- Track Your Results

It’s not enough to execute the marketing campaign through Influencers but it is equally important to analyze them. You should see that if the particular campaign is delivering the results or not. You’ll also be able to understand that if there is any scope for improvement. This is mainly important to know whether your investments are paying off to you or not.

These six points are vital to your Instagram influencer marketing campaign. They can help you to stay organized and successfully launch the marketing campaigns. After measuring ROI, you know what is working and what isn’t. Make the necessary adjustments and stay ahead in the Influencer Instagram Marketing

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