How to Improve SEO Performance?

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2018)

Improve SEOGoogle is constantly changing and making the adjustment in their ranking algorithms in order to show the most relevant results to the users. Hence, the learning about SEO years ago won’t help you to improve SEO currently. It doesn’t matter whether your site is up for the months or years, there is always the scope of improvement in the SEO approach. In this post, check out how to improve SEO.

Improving SEO Performance

1. Link Audit

Analyze the backlinks and spam score. Disavow the links having the spam score of more than 7. If the links are not of high quality then it will affect the rankings. You should rectify the links to avoid the penalty from Google.

2. Technical Side

You should check whether the site is crawling properly or not. The website should load in 2-3 seconds. The content should be well organized. Your site should be well prepared for mobile first indexing. Fix the crawl errors showing in the Google search console. Rectify the broken links for the better user experience.

3. On Page SEO

This is an important factor to analyze how to improve SEO. There should be unique Meta title for all the web pages of the length 65-70 characters. You can run the report in screaming frog spider and fix the duplicate and missing titles. For more details, check title optimization tips. You should also fix the Meta descriptions by identifying the missing and duplicate descriptions by running the report in screaming frog spider. Check if the URL is optimized with the primary keyword or not. You should also check the image optimization and create the missing ALT tag for the images.

4. Remove Google Penalty

Everyone hates penalty. There can be many Google penalties such as duplicate content, keyword stuffing, sneaky redirects, cloaking, spammy backlinks, thin content. You should remove such penalties. For more details, check Google Penalties and How to recover?

5. Google Analytics Report

It is important to analyze the web pages based on two Google Analytics report on how to improve SEO.

landing pagesSearch Queries







First, one is landing pages report and second is the queries report. You can analyze the metrics as mentioned in the excel sheet below.

Improve SEO

The parameters are landing pages, CTR of the landing pages, the primary keyword having highest search volume for the specific web page in queries report, search volume of the primary keyword, CTR of the primary keyword, current ranking of the primary keyword. Next column is secondary keywords in the queries report, CTR of secondary keywords, search volume of the secondary keywords, current ranking of secondary keywords.

Look for the landing pages having the click-through rate of less than 5 and create the strategy to improve SEO performance. You can also create the plan for the keywords not ranking in the top 50 in the SERPs.

6. Better Quality Content

Gone are the days when you write the blog content of 500 words and expect to rank in the search engine result pages. Now, longer the content, there are more chances of ranking higher in the search engine. The reason is simple longer content can provide more value to the user by providing the in-depth understanding of the topic. In fact, you can make the content more engaging by adding infographics and videos.

7. Link Building

It’s not just acquiring the link but it is important to get from the high authority domain. Create the solid content to earn more links on its own. Get the links from the variety of high authority domains. It is important to build the link of deeper web pages and not only just for the home page. Check the competitor’s link and analyze them well and build the links for those domains if you’re competing against them in the search engines. You must check link building techniques for building the high-quality links.

8. Optimize the Headlines

The headline is the first impression of your content as it decides whether you will receive the click or not. It is important to create the right headlines for improving the engagement. You can utilize the tools such as Coschedule’s Headline analyzer to check the score of your headlines. It provides you the result with the suggestion to improve and create the magnetic headlines.

9. Encourage Engagement

It is vital to add the call to action to your posts to improve the engagement rates. This helps to boost the rankings as people are not reading the content but have taken the specific action also. It also increases the average time spent on the site which is an important ranking signal. You can also take the time to ask the open-ended questions to the audience other than adding the call to action.


You can improve SEO by following the above-mentioned tips to enhance the rankings and organic traffic. This will then ultimately results in increasing the conversions.

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