Top 10 Ways to Improve Organic Reach on Facebook

(Last Updated On: May 22, 2017)

improve organic reach on FacebookFacebook is a great platform for driving traffic and conversions to any site. But for getting good results from the non-paid medium, it is important to follow the right organic social media marketing tips. By following the right tactics for social media marketing, you can drive more organic social traffic. But the most important element that matters in social media marketing is an organic reach. If it is not good then actually you are losing the chance to connect with the potential customers.

In this post, check out the top ten ways to improve organic reach on Facebook.

Ways to Improve Organic Reach on Facebook

1. Post evergreen content

Post the content which is evergreen, latest and trendy. If the content is evergreen then it will more likely to get clicked by your audience increasing the CTRs of your Facebook posts. People will get engaged with it and share the posts on their page or Facebook profile. This helps in multiplying and improving organic reach on Facebook.

Actionable Tip

Browse sites including BuzzSumo and Quora and find out what people are sharing or discussing about your niche. You can also check out the forums related to your industry and create a content on topics having most recent and popular discussions. This helps in choosing the right topic for creating a content that drives larger reach and huge shares.

2. Add Organic Targeting

This is an important way to improve organic reach on Facebook by targeting the right audience in order to drive more traffic and conversions. Facebook allows you to select the audience based on your respective niche and select the audience based on age, gender and interests. This helps to drive the targeted traffic and improve the reach of your posts.

Actionable Tip

Go to Settings>Preferred Page Audience of your Facebook business page and select the audience based on age, gender and interest. Next time when you post, don’t forget to choose the targeted audience you have created as described above. This helps to reach the right people who have the interest to buy your products or services.

3. Posting Time

Check out the reach report of your audience as what time and day your audience is active on the Facebook. Also, post at the different times when your competitors are not posting. Don’t share too many posts on Facebook as it is considered as spamming. Share less but keep in mind the quality more. It is recommended to post five posts per day but it also depends on the industry standards.

Actionable Tip

Go to Insights>Posts of your Facebook business page and analyze the active time and day of your audience. Try to schedule the Facebook posts for that time so that your reach will get doubled or tripled.

4. Create Your Own Group

Try to create your own group by adding the people who are mostly engaged with your Facebook posts and share your Facebook posts regularly with them. You can also tag them on the posts to notify that you have posted a new post. This is an effective way to improve organic reach on Facebook.

Actionable Tip

Check out your most engaged posts and create a list of people who have liked, shared or commented on it. Create separate groups and send the invite to the list. You can also invite your Facebook page followers and friends who are having an interest in your industry. This enables to create your own community on Facebook.

5. Add all Forms of Content

The best way to improve organic reach on Facebook and target the new audience is to post a variety of contents including images, videos, infographics, blog posts, snippets, etc. This helps in engaging the audience with different forms of content which they like and thus they likely to share it more. Remember to follow the recommended image size to display properly on all the devices such as a tablet, PC and mobile phones.

Actionable Tip

Use tools such as Canva and Piktochart to create images and infographics to share with the audience on Facebook. As according to a study, Facebook posts with an image gets more engagement than the one without an image. Visual elements are preferred by one and all. So utilize the power of images to grab the attention of your audience. Also, maintain a social media posts calendar and add different types of posts and schedule your posts by using tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer or Facebook business manager.

6. Reach Out to Similar Facebook Pages

It is important to share the content of other pages to be active on social media channels. This also gives chance to connect with the people who share the same interest as yours. Identify similar pages as yours on the Facebook and share their content on regular basis and ask them to share your content as well. You can also ask influencers to share your content who is specialized in your niche.

Actionable Tip

Search Facebook business pages by typing the main keywords. Sort out based on traffic, followers and authority and reach out to them by sending emails.

7. Post on the Facebook Profile and Groups

It is worth sharing the same post on the Facebook profile to reach to your friends who have similar interests like you. Also, share the posts in the different groups related to the niche of your site. This helps to reach the broader audience and thus the reach gets doubled or tripled. But remember to avoid too much sharing on Facebook groups as it will result in disabling the group sharing of your Facebook’s posts.

Actionable Tip

Check out the most popular post on your Facebook page and their reach. Select the posts having maximum reach and engagement. Publish that Facebook post on your timeline and groups as well.

8. Use the Power of Hashtags

Hashtags are the best way to improve organic reach on Facebook. But remember to use relevant hashtags and it is recommended not to use more than two hashtags on Facebook. Keep the hashtags natural and avoid using it which look spammy.

Actionable Tip

Use the site Hashtagify and search the most popular hashtags related to your niche or the post you are going to share on Facebook. Use those hashtags and you will definitely able to see the rise in the organic reach of your posts.

9. Add Competitor’s Page

Adding competitor’s page will help you to spy on their frequency of posting on Facebook, likes they get per week and engagements from their posts. This helps to plan and improve the social media strategy for your site. You can also follow the same frequency of posts and get more engagements like them.

Actionable Tip

Go to Insights and click “Add Pages” tab. By clicking it, you can add the page by searching it and spy the important metrics. Important metrics are- Total page likes, Posts this week, engagement this week. You can add maximum five competitor’s Facebook business pages and compare their data with your page. By comparing the data you know where you actually stands in terms of reaching the audience for your posts.

10. Share Quality Content

Content is definitely king and it is important to create content which drives huge shares and created adhering the white hat SEO techniques. It is crucial to share quality content on Facebook and follow Facebook Algorithm policy. Share original and relevant content in order to increase the traffic and conversions on your site. Otherwise, your post will be treated as a spam and the reach will be dropped significantly for your posts.

Actionable Tip

Hire an expert Content Marketer who has the knowledge about your niche and who produces killer content to generate as many views through social media marketing. He should also be specialized in planning the social media content strategy in order to attract more visitors and convert them into buyers.

Final Thoughts

If you are struggling to improve organic reach on Facebook posts then follow the above ten ways to improve the organic reach on Facebook. This will not only increase the reach but will show remarkable results in driving targeted traffic and conversions on the site as well.

Over to You

Share your comments below on which of the above ways you followed to improve the reach or any other way that improved the reach of your Facebook post.

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