5 Important Facebook Metrics Marketers Should be Tracking

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2018)

Top Five Facebook MetricsFacebook metrics help in measuring and monitoring the real impact of your marketing efforts. It helps to create the strategy to run the campaigns and optimize them to obtain the desired results. In this post, I have put together five important Facebook metrics marketers should be tracking to boost the campaign performance.

1. Engagement

It refers to the number of times people takes action on the social media posts. It means liking and clicking the link, sharing the posts, reacting or leaving a comment.

Location: The way to track the engagement is through Facebook Insights.

Reasons for Measuring Engagement

It is one of the important Facebook Metrics. It is helpful in determining how popular your post is when it is exposed in the audience. If people find it interesting then engagement is good for your post which will result in increased in the followers.

How to Improve Engagement?

Optimize the social media posts with keywords and place call to action to attract the audience. This will result in more likes, comments, reactions and shares.

2. Reach

It is the number of people seen the content in the Facebook posts. It includes paid or organic. If your followers are large, it doesn’t mean they all see them and your reach is also large.

Location: You can see the reach in the Facebook Insights

Reasons for Measuring Reach

It helps in letting you know how many people actually check your Facebook post. If you want to get more reach, you have to make the post more attractive and clickable. The more the reach is the more you will get the engagement.

How to Improve Reach?

You can promote the posts in groups, boost the post for paid promotion, target the post. Try to post evergreen content so that it gets reached to more people.

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3. Impressions

It refers to the visibility of your posts and tells you the number of times your posts were seen. It can be seen multiple times by a single user.
Location: Go to Facebook Insights posts tab, click on the reach button and switch to impressions.

Reasons for Measuring Impressions

Impressions are measured to know how many times a post is seen before taking an action. It may be possible that due to multiple sharing, it gets seen many times before taking an action.

How to Improve Impressions?

Improve reach of the post, so that there is multiple sharing and it will increase the reach of the post.

4. Facebook Referral Traffic

It is the number of visitors you’re getting from the Facebook. It includes the traffic people getting from clicking the posts or other people sharing the posts.

Location: You can see it in Google Analytics>Acquisition> Social>Network>Referral

Reasons for Measuring Facebook Referral Traffic

If there is a drop in the referral traffic, an audience doesn’t like the posts so there is the scope for improvement. The less reach can be increased.

How to Improve Facebook Referral Traffic?

It can be improved by writing magnetic headlines and descriptions in the social media posts.

5. Page Likes and Follows

Page likes are the number of people who have followed your Facebook business page. They have opted for it to show up in the feed and get the regular updates.

Location: You can see it directly on your Facebook business page

Reasons for Measuring Facebook Likes and Follows

Likes show the size of audience who are actually following your blog. It helps to grow your Facebook business page. It is important to increase the followers and at the same time retain the old ones.

How to Improve Page Likes and Follows

Post the content frequently and promote the content in niche specific groups.

Now that you know the important Facebook metrics, start practicing it and track the result to improve the Facebook performance.

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