How to Write Compelling Meta description for SEO to increase CTR?

Meta DescriptionMeta descriptions are the vital part of the SEO and effective to drive the massive traffic to the site. It should be compelling enough to increase the click-through rate. CTR is considered as one of the important ranking factors to improve the overall performance of the site.

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are the short HTML information about the web pages to provide to the full information about what the web page is all about. These include Meta Title, Meta Description, heading tags and Meta keywords.

What are Meta Descriptions?

Meta Descriptions is one of the Meta tags and the short summary or description to provide the short information about the page Title of the webpage. It should be up to 320 characters that appear under the blue color Meta title as shown in the below image.

meta description

These Meta descriptions also appear when the posts are shared on social media through WordPress plugin or extension used for the site. This is helpful in showing the main excerpt of the post to the user.

meta description-v1

How to Write Meta Description?

1. Keep under the Limit

Meta descriptions can be up to 320 characters. Search engines don’t show up the description longer than these characters.

2. Include Main Keywords

This is important on how to write Meta description. Try to include the main keyword in the description only once. Don’t overstuff it with keywords otherwise, it will get penalized and appear lower in the search results. Remember to create the Meta description for the users and not the search engines.

3. Make it Conversational than Direct Pitching

The Meta description should be conversational and instead of overstuffing it should be readable and convince users to click the Meta descriptions. Instead of making the direct statements, provide the reasons why the user should click the web page and redirect to the landing page. Add the call to action and value proposition to the Meta description. This is important way on how to write Meta description.

4. Always Add Meta Description

Don’t leave your Meta description blank, otherwise, it will fetch from the site content. Also, during Website SEO analysis, try to add the missing Meta description and fix the duplicate Meta description of the site.

5. Enhance the Meta Description

Meta description can be enhanced by adding the price schema or product schema or any other schema. It creates the trust amidst the users and thus increases the chance of clicking the Meta description. Here is the example of the structured Meta description. You can easily create the code in JSON LD generator and paste in the head section.

Scema Mark Up

Now that you know how to write Meta description, start creating them today for your site and see the improvement.

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  1. Very good insights from your post. I think Meta Description helps search engines rankings especially when your content appears in search. With good optimization, and relevant keywords, this is a good way to provide a summary of what your article is all about.

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