How to Maximize the Conversions in Google AdWords?

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2017)

How to Maximize ConversionsGoogle AdWords provide myriad features and tools to improve the performance of the campaigns which maximize conversions and yield positive ROI. It is important to utilize the features properly as money is involved to run the campaigns. In this post, check out the important ways to maximize the conversions from Google AdWords.

Ad Rotation

It helps in rotating the ads through several different versions and finding out the best performing ad for the given set of keywords. You can optimize the ads for clicks or conversions. The ad optimized for clicks are expected to attract more clicks based on their click-through rates. The ads optimized for conversion provide more purchases or sign-ups. It is recommended to optimize the ads for conversion than the clicks. Thus campaigns result in more conversions which improve the return on investment.

Ad Scheduling and Bid Adjustments

The best time to show the ads are when people are highly active depending on the products or services you offer. It is important to study the reach and frequency report to run the ads in the active period. You can schedule the ads for that time period and also increase the bid adjustments for that time period to get maximum conversions. It is also suggested to decrease the amount for the time period of the day when people are less active.

Location Targeting and Bid Adjustments

Study the data well and identify the locations from where the maximum conversions are coming and from where they aren’t. You can increase the bid adjustments for the locations yielding conversions and decrease the bid amount for the locations that aren’t. It is better to include the target areas in the location settings.

Enable Enhanced CPC

This feature is effective in maximizing the conversions. You can use enhanced CPC to raise the bid automatically when it seems to generate more conversions. The main benefit of this is even when you don’t have historical data, then too you can drive more conversions.

Use Conversion Optimizer

It is important to have the proper knowledge before implementing this feature to obtain your goals. Add the conversion tracking code and select Target CPA bid strategy to increase the conversions. This feature works best for the direct response-oriented business. You will definitely boost the conversions and get the positive return on investments.

Pause Non-Performing Keywords

When you analyze the keywords, you will find that only the 20% of keywords are profitable. Identify the performing and non-performing keywords. Then you will get the list of keywords to invest the money or not. So utilize your budget in the high-performing keywords and maximize conversions. Add the non-performing keywords as negative keywords and pause or remove them from the list.

Analyze the behavioral patterns and study the insightful reports by linking Google Analytics and Google AdWords account. Follow these ways so that you can improve the advertising strategy and maximize conversions.

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