How To Become a Good Freelancer?

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2017)

how to become a good freelancerAre you planning to start a freelancing career?


Then check this post for becoming a good freelancer.

How to Become a Good Freelancer?

It is the tough decision when you quit your full-time job and start freelancing. There are initial challenges and more expectations to earn better. But frankly speaking, don’t expect the same salary as your full-time job. You have to work hard and give time to your freelancing career as well. Then only you can start expecting to earn even in some case more than your full-time job.

Here is the step by step guide on how to become a good freelancer.

Step 1- Choosing the Freelancing Platform

Selection of the right platform is essential in becoming a good freelancer. I will suggest going for a reputed freelancing platform as there are no chances of fraud. There are many freelancing platforms available to choose from. But I recommend choosing the one which is less competitive as you are starting your first project. I personally got benefited from Fiverr. Check out the post

How I earn the 5-star rating from Fiverr?

Select the platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, Golance, Truelancer, etc. These platforms have good projects for beginners. These sites will help yo to build your portfolio which you can refer to other clients.

Step 2- Build Profile on Freelancing Platform

This is an important step on how to become a good freelancer as your profile is the key for the clients to choose or reject you. Showcase your skills related to your freelancing work, add projects or portfolio, write an attractive description including relevant experience and add certifications. Also, add a good professional photo which represents you professionally. Some of the freelancing platforms review the profile such as Upwork. So make sure you add real and correct information on your profile. Here is the post to make a good freelancing profile on Upwork.

Make a great Impression with Your Profile

Step 3- Getting Freelancing Projects

Search the projects related to your niche having a medium or low budget as you are just starting a career as a freelancer. Prepare an attractive and relevant proposal for sending a cover letter explaining that why you are a good fit for the project, how you will handle it and by mentioning the samples related to the project. This helps the clients to differentiate you from the other prospective freelancers applying for the project.

Step 4- Taking Payments

This is the most important part of becoming a Freelancer as after all we work for getting paid. Check the payment cycle for different freelancing platforms as it varies. Select the payment method. Be extra cautious in taking the payments as different options convert the payments differently. But when you work hard you can’t afford to lose a single penny. Here are the some of the payment options available

1. Wire Transfer directly to Bank
2. Pay pal
3. Payoneer

Here is the post on “How Payoneer is the Best Option for Withdrawing Payments

Step 5- Showcase Your Work

Once you complete your first project, showcase your work and utilize it to build your portfolio. Many freelancing platforms use star ratings such as Fiverr. It is the rating given by the buyer after completion of the services. Your good ratings will help you take more projects and the buyer can trust your services.


Follow all these steps and it will help you take the first project and enhancing your Freelancing career. I personally got projects by following these steps and hope you will also get success in the projects. Once you successfully complete the first project, then there surely be lined up more.

Over to You

Share your comments below how you got your first project and how it helped in becoming a good Freelancer

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