How I Appeared on the Google First Page?

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2018)

Google First pageEvery site owner has one ultimate goal to appear on the first page of Google. This is the only way to drive massive traffic to the site and convert visitors into buyers for businesses. As a Blogger, appearing on the Google first page means to increase the visibility of posts and drive organic traffic to the site.  Many bloggers struggle to appear on the first page of Google due to lack of understanding of SEO. Here is the snapshot of how I appeared on the Google first page.

So you can see I appeared in 8th position for the keyword “Google Analytics Study Guide” Do you want to know how I land on the first page of Google? Here are the 5 tips on how I appeared on the Google first page.

1. Utilized the Power of SEMrush

SEMrush is the best SEO tool for performing keyword research. It provides the valuable data related to search volume, latest trends, competition, phrase matched keywords and related keywords. I simply entered the topic in the SEMrush tool “Google Analytics Guide” and then it provided me with the list of related and phrase match keywords. I selected “Google Analytics Study Guide” as it was having good search volume and relevant to the content.  So do you want to check the keyword list for your posts or pages then simply enter the topic here.

2. Prepared Quality Content

In 2018 “Quality Content will be a Key”. I created a unique and user-friendly content which people are searching actively on search engines. Long form and high-quality content are two important signals to search engines for ranking on the Google first page. Thus I created a chapter wise guide of having more than 500 words content in each chapter. I focused on providing the valuable information to the users which can help them to enhance the skills. As a blogger, the most important task is to create less but produce quality content. It’s of no use if you publish content daily but what really matters is the quality. For more details on producing quality content, check Content Marketing Guide

3. Performed Proper SEO

I optimized the content and placed the keywords naturally in the content. I placed the main keyword once in the meta tags and optimized the Title, Description and added one focus word. It is worth checking the following

How to research keywords for SEO?

Step by Step Website SEO Analysis

SEO Checklist

I also believe in the Brian Dean’s tactics of “Publish and Pray”. It means to create the content so that people link them on their site or other sites. I have not created the backlinks but people themselves created the link pointing to my site on popular sites such as I got huge referral traffic as backlinks created by other people matters more than when you create them by yourself.

4. Focused on Social Sharing

Social sharing is crucial as it will help you to reach out your target audience and keeping the social profile active. Social link building is the best way to improve the authority of the site. It helps in building the credibility for your brand and people trust your site to find information or buying the products or services. Most importantly it increases the social traffic to the site. Social sharing doesn’t only mean to share the posts on the timeline but it is essential to perform group sharing. You can also use tools such as Copromote to reach more people or target audience.

5. Uploaded Video

There is a huge rise in videos in 2018. Embed the YouTube Video related to the content of your post. This will not only helps to provide the user with the valuable information but increase the average time spent on the site and thus the ranking of the page or post.

Remember the results of SEO are slow and steady so keep patience to see the results. If you follow the above tips then you will surely get the success.

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  1. The information you have shared is useful. content, keyword research, sharing are the keys to get rank a page in google.

  2. Hello Shruti,

    I am already following these steps, but i would like to add few points via this comment.
    Once your post is indexed, then share it on GrowthHackers, Quora and Yahoo Answer.
    And also mail those who subscribe your articles.

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