Google Analytics Study Guide

Google Analytics Study GuideI want to share with you the most informative and detailed  Google Analytics study guide that exists today. This resourceful guide will help you to know and understand Google Analytics tool in a better way. This guide is mainly for beginners but includes information that is important for intermediate level as well. You can switch to any of the chapters but start  it one by one is the better way.

Chapter 1 – Google Analytics Basics

It covers all the details about the definition of Google Analytics and business objectives with the steps on setting your Google Analytics account. Also, verification methods for your website or WordPress site.

Chapter 2 – Setting up goals & filters in Google Analytics

This chapter includes the steps of setting up the goals according to objectives of your site, adding filters, funnels. Also, linking your Google Analytics account with the search console or Google Webmaster Tools.

Chapter 3 – Google Analytics Periodic Table & its Explanation

It covers all the concepts about important factors of Google Analytics like audience reports, acquisition reports, behavior reports and conversion reports in a periodic table. I have explained the factors and its usage in real time.

Chapter 4 – How to block referral spam in Google Analytics?

Getting rid of the referral spam traffic is necessary to avoid the unwanted increase in the overall traffic that is spam. So, learn it in this chapter and get genuine traffic that is contributing to your site statistics.

Chapter 5- How To Increase Organic Search Traffic?

In this chapter, you will learn how to increase the organic search traffic and improve the performance of the site.

Chapter 6- UTM Parameters, Importance and Implementation

Learn the UTM parameters, its importance in marketing campaigns and its implementation to analyze the reports in Google Analytics.

Chapter 7- How to Increase Social Media Traffic Using Google Analytics?

Check out the five important reports, its analyzation and ways to increase social media traffic using Google Analytics.

I hope this Google Analytics study guide will clear all the concepts about Google Analytics  and give clear understanding of all the concepts to analyze your site in better ways and improve strategies that will increase the traffic by knowing who is your audience, where they are coming from, how they are interacting and how they are contributing in form of conversions to your sales cycle.  Click the below tab to start chapter 1 of Google Analytics guide.

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