How to Increase Social Media Traffic?

Google Analytics GuideMeasuring and tracking of social media traffic are important so that you can improve the performance of marketing campaigns. Google analytics is a handy tool to know from where the visitors are coming from and their behavior on your site.

Here are the five reports that will help to analyze and increase the social media traffic using Google Analytics.

Report 1 – Acquisition> Social> Network Referrals

This report will provide you the insights about the social networks driving the traffic to the site. You will come to know on which social network you should put more efforts to get effective results. Suppose Facebook drives a lot of traffic so you can run the paid campaigns to get good results in quick time. You can even click the social networks and know exactly the shared URLs which are driving the most traffic.

Social Network Referrals

Report 2- Acquisition> All Traffic> Channels

You can see all the sources of the traffic through this report such as organic, social, direct, referral, Email, Paid search and other. You can break down this traffic in source/medium to view the reports in even more granular form. In addition to this, you can check which devices whether desktop or mobile is more popular for social media channel amidst your audience. Through this report, you can compare and focus on the right channels and increase the social media traffic using Google Analytics.

All traffic channels

Report 3- Acquisition> Social> Landing Pages

This report will provide you the list of landing pages along with sessions, page views, average time spent on the site, Pages/Session. By studying this report, you will come to know which landing pages are the most viewed and which aren’t. Focus on the landing pages that are under performing and try to increase the social media traffic on them. You can do this by promoting them more by creating and implementing social media strategy.

Landing pages

Report 4- Conversions> Multi Channel Funnels> Overview

This is the most important report in Google Analytics to measure and track the conversions. There are three important reports in Multi channel funnel-


1. Top Conversion Paths
This is the path which tells the route of conversion the visitor takes before completing it. For instance, you can see that the conversion is completed by the direct visit. When you analyze the path you may observe that before the direct visit, it was preceded by social.

2. Time Lag- This will let you know that how many days are there between the first visit and the conversion.

3. Path Length- It tells you how many paths are involved in each conversion.

If more conversions are from social then you should spend more time on increasing the traffic through social channels.

Report 5- Acquisition> Campaign

This is a crucial report to increase the social traffic to the site. By analyzing the UTM parameters, you know exactly which campaign driving the traffic from which source and medium. This way you can put your efforts on that medium to increase the social traffic to the site.

I hope by analyzing these reports you will be able to increase the social traffic in quick time to your site.

So now that you learned the basic concepts of this Google Analytics study guide it’s time to test your skills.

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