UTM Parameters- Importance, Implementation & Tracking

Google Analytics GuideIt is important to track the online marketing campaigns to maximize the ROI. UTM parameters play a key role in tracking the landing pages URL by providing the insights about the online marketing campaigns.

What are UTM parameters?

UTM parameters are the tags that are appended to the URL which is tracked in Google Analytics. Suppose there is a guide and it is promoted on social media on Facebook. Then it will have the UTM parameters like-

http://www.rankdigitally.com/blog-post-promotion-ultimate-guide?utm_source=Facebook &utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=guide

Campaign Source ( utm_source)- It is the source of your traffic including Facebook, Twitter, newsletter, etc.

Campaign Medium (utm_medium)- The medium on which the landing page URL is used such as email, social, etc.

Campaign Name (utm_campaign)- It is the name of the campaign used for the promotion.

You can easily create and implement the campaign UTM parameters in the URL Builder

Importance of UTM Parameters

Let’s understand the importance of UTM parameters with an example. Suppose you have to send an email to your 1000 subscriber. You have created different email campaigns to test which is yielding better results. Now you shoot an email to 500 subscribers with the campaign say A and to the rest, 500 subscribers with the campaign say B. You are able to drive 100 visitors but it is important to know which email campaign performed better. To know this, you have to append the UTM parameters in the destination URLs of an email. This will let you know in the Google Analytics tool that which campaign delivered the better results by knowing the tracking URL having UTM parameters.

How to Use UTM parameters in Social Media Links?

Basically, from UTM codes, you need the answers of the following three questions-

Where’s the traffic coming from?

How is it coming?

Why is it coming?

If you can answer these three questions then you know all the details about the online social marketing campaigns.

How to use the source UTM code?

Source UTM code is used to know where the traffic is coming. It can be Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn. Suppose you share a campaign on twitter than it will be the source of the UTM code.

How to use the Medium UTM code?

Medium UTM code is used to know how the traffic is coming. It is from social, search or email. For instance, if you share the campaign on social then it will be the medium of the UTM code.

How to use the Campaign UTM code?

Campaign name is for knowing that why the traffic is coming from. It is the name of the campaign including lead, video or e book.

For tracking the campaigns, it is important to view the campaigns in the Google analytics. You can simply follow the path Acquisition>Campaigns>All Campaigns.

This is the way to implement and track the UTM parameters for the landing page URLs in the Google Analytics.

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