How to Block Referral Spam in Google Analytics

One day suddenly there was a rise in my traffic in Google Analytics. On the first note, I thought that it is a genuine traffic but that was due to spam. So, block the unwanted rise in the traffic by referral spam removal from Google Analytics.

Referral Spam is of Two types

1. Web Crawlers or Spiders Referral Spam
This type of spam is basically the bots that crawl your pages, ignoring robots.txt file and when they exit site, they elevate your Google Analytics reports that appears similar to a normal visit.

2. Ghost Referrers
They are called as “ghosts” because they never access your site. It will inflate your visitor data without actually visiting your site by executing your Google Analytics by measurement protocol as shown in the below image by Moz. It attaches to the real-time data and elevates your site statistics.

Block referral spam traffic

Steps to Get Rid of Referral Spam Traffic from Your Site

It is frustrating to prepare SEO report by removing referral traffic and applying the filter. The best way is to remove as soon as it comes. Install Google Analytics App and monitor the traffic on regular basis. If you find the unwanted traffic, remove it instantly so that it doesn’t destroy your useful data. I have done many times and it works. If done on the same day, it doesn’t even show in your referral data.

1. Exclude all the referral spam by applying a filter for all the list of spams as shown in the example below. I have taken for an example.

Block spam

2. Add Valid Hostname by creating the regular expression and including that hostname in a filter as shown below.

Valid Host name Filter

3. Apply segments to include and exclude spam traffic by creating a regular expression.
4. For the safer side install WordPress plugins like WP Block Referrer Spam.

Check out this video to implement the above steps

I hope following the above steps will remove the referral traffic from your site as in the case of mine and help to analyze the genuine traffic to your site with correct data.

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