Google Analytics Basics

Let’s start the Google Analytics basics from the definition.

Definition- Digital or Google Analytics is the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from your business and the competition to drive a continual improvement of the online experience that your customers and potential customers have which translates into your desired outcomes (both online and offline).
– Avinash Kaushik

Google Analytics mainly measure 3 things
1. How people engage?
2. Measurement of their engagement like location, device, channel.
3. Actions on data available.
Google Analytics can measure the data on the below-mentioned platforms
Audience activity on the desktop website
Audience activity on a mobile website
Audience activity on a mobile application
Audience activity on a gaming console
Audience activity on any digitally connected device

Types of Google Analytics Data

Quantitative Data
1. About Audience that how they are connecting the pages.
2. Geographic Location
3. Performance of online Marketing
Qualitative Data
Why customer converts or why they aren’t converting
Continual Improvement Cycle
Step 1: Measure
Step 2: Report
Step 3: Analyze
Step 4: Test
Step 5: Improve

digital amrketing objectives

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Setting up Google Analytics account and verifying the tracking code.

Follow these steps to set up Google Analytics account
1.Go to
2.If you have a Google account, then sign in by clicking Sign in. If you do not have a Google account, create a Google account.

Basics of Google Analytics
Basics of Google Analytics

3.After signing up, click Google Analytics tab and log in to your Google account.

Basics of Google Analytics

4.Enter the details like account name, your website name, website URL, and select an industry category and Reporting Time Zone.
5.Click get tracking code and accept terms and conditions. Paste the code in the header before the closing </head> tag on every web page on your site manually.

Verification Methods of adding Google Analytics code in WordPress site

1. Adding code manually to the header.php File
Go to Appearance > Editor > header.php and add your Google Analytics tracking code before the closing head </head> tag or after the opening <body> tag.
2.Adding code through best WordPress analytics plugin
There are many plugins like Yoast for google analytics but I have installed a free and reliable plugin named “Google Analytics by MonsterInsights”.

Basics of Google Analytics
Basics of Google Analytics

Always keep 2 views in Google analytics, first on a Master Profile and another a test profile.

Hope you have learned the Google Analytics basics. Now it’s time to check next chapter of this Google Analytics study guide for setting Goals, Funnels, and Filters.

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