Google Algorithm Updates – How to Remove Google Penalty?

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2018)

What are Google Algorithm Updates?

Earlier Search Engines process was mainly based on two step process-

1. Putting as many targeted keywords as possible also called keyword stuffing.
2. Building links on free sites pointing to the main website also called as Link Farming or Link Wheel.

But Google realized that it was not able to serve the relevant answer to people based on their search queries and also good websites are nowhere in the picture. So, it introduced three major updates called Google Algorithm Updates. These algorithms completely changed SEO strategies.
Here is the post to check what are Google algorithm updates in SEO and how to remove the penalty from these Google algorithm updates.

Google Panda Update

It came on February 23, 2011. The aim of this algorithm to bring high-quality sites up in order in ranking and lower the rank of low-quality sites. The main factor responsible for a low-quality site is ‘content stealing’. It is also called ‘Farmer’ as people steal the content from different good websites and paste it on their website to rank high for keywords. Here is the list of other factors that it considers.

  1.  Content should be trustworthy.
  2. The article is written by the person who has knowledge of that field.
  3. No spelling and grammar mistake.
  4. Content is written to increase user experience.
  5. It should be original.
  6. Excessive ads to distract the users from the Content.

Panda Update- How to Remove Google Penalty?

  1. Check for Plagiarism, i.e. duplicate content using Plagiarism tools and remove it. In case, you don’t want to remove add a no-index tag to the web pages having it.
  2. Reduce bounce rate: It should be less than 60%, add visual content, videos, call to action and reduce load time.
  3. Retain visitors.
  4. Improve user experience

Google Penguin Update

This Google update in SEO came on April 24, 2012. The aim of this is to penalize sites for having unnatural links to come up high in search results. A link is considered to be an important factor for ranking when incoming link coming from a highly authoritative site, but links coming from many websites also elevate rank before this update.

Penguin Update- How to Remove Google Penalty?

  1. Remove unnatural links.
  2. Avoid Link farming and Link Wheel and other outdated SEO practices.
  3. Reduce keyword stuffing.
  4. Don’t over optimize.

Also, check out how to plan Link Building Strategies post-Penguin 4.

Google Hummingbird Algorithm

This Google SEO Algorithm came on September 26, 2013. The aim of this is to provide better results for search queries. It uses the intent of a search query and provides results accordingly.
Like: “best place to eat”
Here place means restaurants, so it will provide that results
Read the comparisons below.

Before Hummingbird Effect

  • Keyword based answers
  • Same search results
  • Don’t use user information
  • Provide option to search more and more.

After Hummingbird Effect

  • Question-based (why, when, who)
  • Different results based on current circumstances
  • Use user information like previous download, social shares etc
  • Start answering questions called conventional search.

Hummingbird Update- How to Remove Google Penalty?

  1. Use long tail keyword.
  2. Conversational Content.
  3. Add structured data to serve better results
  4. Engaged Content.

Pigeon Update

The main aim of this update is to provide local search results to serve users in a better way.

Pigeon Update- How to Remove Google Penalty?

  1. Accurate citations.
  2. Local keywords
  3. Listed on directories.
  4. Good Reviews and response to negative reviews.


The aim of this update is an optimized website for mobile devices by using responsive design.
Summary of the above Google algorithm updates in SEO.

Google Algorithm Updates

Google RankBrain

Rankbrain is the Google Algorithm to understand and sort the search queries. It is the third most important ranking signal to rank the web pages in the search engine result pages.



How to Optimize the Web pages for Rank Brain?

1. Different Results for the different long tail keyword queries before Rankbrain.After it, same results for the long tail keywords search queries thus optimize for medium tail keywords.

Before RankBrain

best-keyword-research-toolAfter RankBrian

2. Create the Title tag with powerful keywords. Try to use the numbers wherever possible. This will increase the CTR of the web page.
3. Optimize the Description tag to boost the CTR with target keyword. Remember to make it in such a way as to why somebody should click on your webpage.
4. Reduce the bounce rate by creating the content above the fold and publishing the long form content.
5. Use LSI Keywords to optimize the content and filling the gaps.

Possum Update

According to this update, Google now filtering the results according to the location in the local three pack search results. This has helped the nearby businesses to appear in the search results and serve people in a better way. Google is showing the place that is more suitable for the people. They have in fact remove the duplicate listing that shows up several times in local pack search results.

Fred Update

According to this update, Google will penalize the web pages having aggressive monetization. This can include low-value content, overloaded with ads and popups. This update has highly affected the sites where making revenue is motto over providing the better user experience.

Mobile First Indexing- Rolled out on 24 April 2018

This update means Google will prefer to show the mobile-optimized pages over the desktop version. Thus it is important to have the responsive design or mobile optimized site. Mobile SEO is the key to success.

Also, check the Google Algorithm Change History for other small updates.

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