Google AdWords Study Guide

Google AdWords Study GuideThis Google AdWords Study Guide is for those who are looking to enhance their paid advertising skills for Google. You can also refer this Google AdWords Study Guide for passing the Google Adwords Certification. It covers the basic to advance level concepts and tips to maximize your conversions in order to achieve a better return on investment goals for your business or company.


For passing Google AdWords Certification, it is mandatory to pass Fundamentals exam and any one exam from Search, Display, Mobile or Video. In this AdWords certification study guide, I have cover Adwords Fundamentals, Google Search Network and Display Network. You can refer this guide in the given order if you are studying it for the first time. But you can also check the specific section if you are seeking information on the particular topic. Here are the brief details about this guide.

Google AdWords Fundamentals

It covers all the basic concepts of Google AdWords Fundamentals and has the following three chapters.

  1. AdWords Advertising Networks– It includes the description of two main advertising networks i.e Google Search Network and Google Display Network. Also, covers benefits of paid advertising and how to improve the quality score and its impact on max CPC.
  2. Setting Up Paid Campaigns– This chapter explains the basics of setting up paid campaigns, targeting methods and bid strategies.
  3. Measurement of Paid campaigns– In this chapter of Google AdWords Study Guide, you will learn how to measure campaigns and calculation of ROI, ROAS.


Google Display Network

In this section of Google Adwords Study Guide, you will learn what is display network, benefits of display network, targeting methods and process to set up your display campaigns.

Google Search Network

It this section of Google Adwords Study Guide, you will learn step by step process for setting up search network campaigns and tips to maximize the conversions.

Hope this guide helps you to pass Google AdWords Certification and enhance your paid advertising skills

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