Google AdWords Fundamentals

Google Adwords Fundamentals GuideHere is the Google AdWords Fundamentals Guide for those who are looking for Google AdWords study guide for certification or interested in learning the basics. This basic Adwords Guide has three chapters.

Chapter 1

This chapter of basic Adwords guide covers all about AdWords advertising networks.It includes the benefits of online advertising, explanation of Adwords Ad Networks (Search Network and Display Network), calculation of quality score and its impact on max. CPC and bidding.

Chapter 2

This chapter of Adwords Fundamentals Guide includes setting up a campaign, targeting methods, budget and bid strategies, creating an effective ad and tools required for it.

Chapter 3

This chapter of beginner’s guide for AdWords includes the measurement strategy of AdWords, with tools and metrics with the calculation of CPA, ROI, ROAS and ways to optimize the ads.

Follow this Adwords Fundamentals Adwords Guide in order if you are studying it for the first time to understand the terms of Adwords. If you already know the concepts of Adwords and wish to check a particular chapter of this guide then you can check it as well.

Chapter 1 of Adwords Guide

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