Five Outdated SEO Practices You Need to Stop in 2018

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2018)

Outdated SEO PracticesYou are hurting your SEO efforts if you are still practicing wrong SEO Techniques or black hat SEO. Focus on using white hat SEO techniques only and avoid these five outdated SEO practices.

1. Link Farm

To come on the first page of Google is the ultimate goal of any business or company. So it follows the black hat SEO techniques to build links quickly and link farm is one of them. It is a process of creating free sites using Blogger or WordPress and posting the content on them to link the main site. This is commonly used black hat technique due to affordability. But search engines detect these SEO practices easily and the site has to face serious penalty issues.

2. Link Wheel

Link Wheel is also used for building links in the wrong manner and fool search engines. This is an outdated  SEO practice which is used to link the main website with other sites randomly. Suppose you have the main website say A and other sites are B, C, D & E often a free version of WordPress or Blogger. So in order to get links on site A, internal linking is done in B, C, D & E. At the same time, external linking is done from A to B, B to C, C to D and D to E. Search engines can detect this and all the efforts and time goes in vain.

3. Dedicated Page For Every Keyword

In order to rank for all the target keywords, businesses often create a dedicated page for every keyword. But to get the results it is important to target the keywords properly on one page. Suppose you have the business for welding and you want to target all the types of welding. So you can create a page “5 Popular Types of Welding” with valuable content instead of the creation of one page for every type. By doing this you are trying to rank for each one of them with thin content that is not valuable at all. Search engines give preferences to the relevancy, valuable and dense content.

4. Building Wrong Anchor Text

Anchor text linking is an important SEO practice when it comes to linking optimization. But many SEO service providers use wrong anchor text to build the links. Linking of the keyword which is the main keyword of the post can never rank the page. As search engines don’t know which page to rank because the main keyword itself is pointed to another page. Similarly building exact match anchor text is not good practice to be followed instead building relevant and natural anchor text can add more value.

5. Keyword Targeting V/S Topic Targeting

It’s a long time debate to whether target keyword or topic to the page but topic targeting is effective technique than keyword targeting. With Hummingbird and Rank Brain, adding content based on the topic is more valuable. So follow topic targeting SEO practices.

So stop taking SEO services who follow the outdated techniques and try to focus on the white hat SEO techniques to get results.

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