8 eCommerce SEO Best Practices for Product Pages

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2018)

eCommerce SEO best practicesSEO is crucial for eCommerce sites as right practices can make or break the website. The success of eCommerce sites depends on attracting, delighting, converting and retaining the customers in the sales cycle. There are thousands of product pages so it is important to perform eCommerce SEO best practices at an optimum level.

Create Unique Product Title & Descriptions

One of the biggest mistake eCommerce sites has the default title and descriptions. Many times there are duplicate title tags so it is important to have the unique Title tag. You can check the Title by clicking CTRL+U in your browser. It is best to use different key phrases in the Title to make it unique. You should use the unique description as well instead of default product descriptions.

Use Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are the phrases that contain three or more keywords. Users searching for specific products get the dedicated product page in the search results. Thus chances of clicking, getting traffic, attracting and converting customers are higher for the web pages containing long tail keywords.

Incorporate Customer Reviews

Customer reviews increase the revenue and one of the important eCommerce SEO best practices. The reason is they add credibility and act as the social proof to the potential buyers.  The product page having the reviews has a higher likelihood of attracting and converting the customers. Google rewards for the site that is updated regularly with fresh and unique content.

Integrate Social Media on Product Pages

Google gives preference to social media signals and improves the page authority and relevance. Adding social buttons such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to your product pages will encourage the social sharing with their followers.

Optimize Page Load Speed

The page load time on the site should be 3 seconds. Buyers love the sites that load faster and return back whenever they wish to make a purchase. It is important to optimize the site for speed in the mobile devices and add AMPs to even load faster.

SEO friendly site

Fix all the 404 error for the product pages to enhance the user experience. Create SEO friendly URLs to the site. You can use the following URL structuring for the category and product pages.

Category- abc.com/category

Sub Category- abc.com/category/sub-category

Product- abc.com/category/sub-category/productname


You can also create breadcrumbs for the proper navigation to the users. Add rich snippets as Google reward the site having rich snippets in order to deliver the most relevant results to the users. The usage of keywords should be proper for the product pages

Keyword in the image ALT and file name

Keyword in your page description

SEO permalinks

Keyword in your page title

Keyword in your H1 tag

Use Latent Semantic Indexing keywords throughout the post

You can use schema mark up for products, prices and ratings and enhance the Meta descriptions in order to get better click-through rates.

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Optimize the eCommerce site for Mobile

Mobile eCommerce is very popular and reaching the new heights when it comes to shopping. Google is giving preference to the mobile site for ranking higher in the search results. Having a mobile app is also necessary for the eCommerce site. It helps to send the customized offers and push notifications about the products to the users on the timely basis.  According to a survey people check their mobile device 50 times a day and thus chances of conversion are higher. This will boost the product sales.

Link Building for eCommerce Site

You can perform product listing and classified ad posts for an eCommerce site. You can also be building the links by the relationship with the Influencer in your niche. There are some techniques to build the links through expired domains or outdated pages. You can type in the search engines as a query to find the expired domains from the search operator- “has closed” + restaurants.

These are the eight eCommerce SEO best practices for the product pages. Implement all these techniques and you will immediately see the growth in the sales of the products.

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