Ecommerce Marketing: 10 Useful Tips to Market Your Online Store

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2018)

Ecommerce Marketing TipsEcommerce marketing isn’t easy with so much competition in the market. There should be right tactics to be followed in order to stay ahead in the competition. In this post, check out the ten useful tips to market your online store.

1. Add a Popup before Exit

Email Marketing is an effective way to build the customer’s base. Hence adding the popup before people exit helps to build the email list before people leave the website. You can offer a guide, discount or any other offer that matches your brand line. If you’re actively looking to grow your email list then this is an effective tip to market your store online. Make sure you also place email forms strategically all over the site.

2. Capture Abandon Cart

When someone puts an item in the shopping cart, it means he is interested in purchasing the item from your store. Many shoppers leave the cart abandon without purchasing anything. It is vital to recover the abandon cart in order to make the sales for the products. You can perform this by sending the pop up during their exit that item is there in their cart so they can make a purchase.  In fact, you can provide discounts so that they will complete the purchase.

You can also send the personalize emails for the abandon cart within 24 hours of abandonment.  Send the discounts also but up to 3rd-4th mail. Persuade the readers through social proof email with customer reviews and ratings and don’t forget to add the related products.

3. Perform Remarketing and Retargeting

Facebook and Google provide an opportunity to show the abandon cart items to the people visited the store. Facebook uses retargeting by adding the Facebook pixel to the site. Google uses remarketing feature to convert through display ad campaigns. It also helps to show the items visitors have seen before but not added to the cart or made the purchase. You can show the ads frequently and can even offer them the discount to entice them back to the site.

4. Create an effective Blog Post

Blogging helps in driving huge traffic by engaging the audience with the content. It also helps to rank higher in the search engine result pages by targeting long tail keywords.  Make sure you add valuable content that keeps the visitors engaging. You can add visual elements to make the blog posts appealing. Quality over quantity is the real game.  Blogging is an effective way to educate the customers about the products in the store and get its sales.

5. Create Downloadable Offers

Downloadable offer is effective for two reasons. First is it can provide value to your users and second is it builds the email list. For an instance, your jewellery store may create a guide to buying the jewellery. You can write an ebook and promote it on the entire web. You will definitely get a good return on investment through this ecommerce marketing.

6. Launch Facebook Store

Facebook is the fastest growing network of marketing as there are 2.2 billion monthly active users for Q1 2018. Thus Facebook is too big to ignore in the ecommerce marketing strategy. Analyze your audience behavior and add the store accordingly. Some people trust on Facebook and prefer their shopping directly on it. Your Facebook store can be helpful for targeting them and getting good returns.

7. Perform Email Marketing

There should be effective ecommerce marketing strategy for email that requires attention and time.  Shoot email for acquiring new customers and as well for retaining the old ones. Nurture the lead and convert the customers into loyal customers.  Provide special discounts to the customers to complete the sales. You can even send the notifications for the items added to the cart but not yet completed the purchase.

8. Ask for Online Reviews

Online reviews help the customers to develop the trust which is a big factor for the purchase. Ask your customers for online reviews and ratings once they make the purchase. This plays an important role between the sales and abandon cart. The social media reviews are also helpful for customers to trust the brand and make a purchase. Always respond to the negative reviews.

9. Share User Generated Content

When customers posts on social media about the products, you should share their posts on the store’s social media channels. This will help to showcase the content generated by the user and help other visitors to trust your brand. It helps to make the confident decision to make the purchase. You can also contact the influencers in the industry to write the content on their blog and share on social media channels.

10. Ecommerce SEO

Search the right keywords and follow the best practices of on-page SEO. Build the authority of the online store by link building and earning activities. Check the comprehensive ecommerce SEO guide to performing the right tactics for your online store.

These are the useful ecommerce marketing tips that will help to grow your online store in a short time.  You can drive more sales to the store and stay ahead in the competition in the market.

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