Diwali and E-commerce Platforms in India

(Last Updated On: October 2, 2017)

Diwali and E-commerce MarketingDiwali isn’t merely the festival of victory of good over evil but there are myriad benefits that marketers take to enhance the business opportunities and make massive profits.

Here are some of the interesting insights by SEMrush and Razorpay. The overall transactions increase to double during Diwali where female spends 30% and male dominates most of the market. The age group is 25- 24 years old accounts for 55% of the sale during the Diwali. The CPC of the word “Diwali” is 23.62 INR. When it comes to keyword research then, “Diwali lights online” has the highest keyword difficulty and “Diwali crackers online” has the highest long tail keyword search volume.

Top 5 E-commerce Advertisers according to SEMrush are-

1. Amazon.in

2. Shopclues.com

3. Snapdeal.com

4. Safariindia.org

5. Flipkart.com

Here are the five marketing ideas e-commerce platforms should adopt.

1. Incentivizing Wallet Payment

E-commerce platforms use wallets to avail the huge discounts from the e-commerce companies. Recently Amazon has given the 15% cash back and 450 INR, especially to the prime members to reap more benefits. Similarly many outlets announce big offers especially for Diwali sales to leverage the opportunities to earn more profits from the massive sales.

2. Bank Tie-Ups

Another marketing technique is tie-ups with the bank.  Customers normally pay using bank cards to avail the discounts on the festive occasions. Snapdeal has the tie-up with HDFC bank, Flipkart has the tie-up with SBI, Amazon has the tie-up with Axis bank and much more.

3. Mobile App offers

Most of the offers are available to the mobile app users. This is helpful as people are highly active on mobile devices and through the push notifications, it is easy to remind the customers about the active offers and discounts.

4. Cash Back Reign

Retailers are now offering the extra discounts by partnering with the cash backs. Users prefer shopping through cashback and like to grab the ongoing discounts. This is a triple win situation for an e-commerce website.

5. Social Media

Social media is an effective platform. “Shop” and “Swipe Up” feature on Instagram and Facebook are the widely used platform by the social media to attract the shoppers. Flipkart is one such platform which uses this feature.

These are some of the marketing tactics used by e-commerce platforms in India for Diwali

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