8 Essential Digital Strategy Components

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2017)

Digital Strategy componentsIt is crucial to have the strong online reputation and create a right Digital Marketing Strategy to get succeed in the respective industries. It is worth investing your money in Digital Marketing as it yields great returns on investment.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

It refers to the process of promoting your products or services through digital marketing channels. This is highly targeted, measurable and provides quick results. You need to decide the goals and follow right tactics in order to achieve them.

8 Important Digital Strategy Components

Here is the list of important elements of Digital Strategy components to fulfill the desired Marketing goals.

1. Website

It is one of the most important digital strategy components. The website defines the message for your products or services and its optimization is important to create the right online marketing strategy. Follow the right practices and make it user-friendly with a proper navigation. It represents your brand and includes all the necessary contact details. Prefer using responsive design to target the mobile audience.

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2. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of web page in the search engine. When you optimize the site for the right target keywords then you get a chance to rank higher in the search engine result pages. There are mainly two types of SEO- On Page SEO and off page SEO. On page optimization is performed directly on the site whereas off page SEO is performed to improve the online reputation and authority of the site.

3. Paid Ads

The paid advertising involves investing money for running the online marketing campaigns on different paid channels. Follow the right PPC tips to maximize the conversions and get positive ROI. Investing your money on the paid ads is necessary to get success. You can create and follow the right digital marketing strategy and achieve the goals quickly.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the vital digital strategy components. People are highly active on social media and consider it as an important channel to get the leads or conversions almost instantly. Facebook is a popular and highly effective channel to target any kind of online marketing campaigns. It is used by people of all the age groups and you can target the audience based on their demographics, age and interest.  Utilize this powerful tool especially if you are starting up and looking growth in quick time.

5. Content Marketing

High-Quality content is the king. It is a crucial element of digital marketing strategy and one of ranking factors to appear higher in the search results. Your content should be 100% unique, relevant to build the strong online presence in the industry. Try to use long form content, user generated content and storytelling to get more attention and massive traffic to the site. Personalizing your content on social media and email marketing is a key to success. For more details check Content Marketing Guide.

6. Email Marketing

Email is a great tool for lead generation and keeping in contact with your customer base. You can promote your products or services and get leads. In fact, you can influence the customers to buy the products or services through word of mouth marketing. This way you can build the long lasting relations with the customer.

7. Blogging

A blog is the best asset in your digital marketing strategy. It creates the authenticity and powerful tool to promote the information about your products or services. It also provides the chance to become an expert in your industry. Promoting blog posts will also keep your social profile active and educate users and influence them to make a purchase on the site.

8. Google Analytics

This is one of the most digital strategy components of your online marketing strategy. It helps in tracking, measuring and analyzing the results of all the digital marketing channels. It will provide you the clear picture of the audience, their behavior, traffic sources. You can set the goals and improve the performance of your site.

The Bottom Line

By knowing all the important digital strategy components of the online marketing strategy, it’s time to create one. Implement it rightly and you will definitely see the positive results and better returns on your investment.

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