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content marketing guideI have recently passed HubSpot Content Marketing Certification and thought of sharing this content marketing guide.

To become a successful Content Marketer, refer this content marketing guide to get better results in your respective industries. If you are a beginner then it is recommended to move chapter wise chapter. Otherwise, you can check individual chapters as well.



Chapter 1- What is Content Marketing?

In this chapter, learn the importance of content, meaning of content marketing with definition and benefits of content marketing in your industry to increase the revenue of your business and company.

Chapter 2- Content Ideation Process- How To Generate Content Ideas?

Content Ideation is crucial for any business as the relevant and trendy topic can drive traffic and convert your visitors into leads. Learn the step by step content ideation process in this chapter of content marketing guide.

Chapter 3- Content Marketing Funnel And Marketing Funnel

In this chapter of content marketing guide, understand the marketing and content marketing funnel. Also, learn what type of content should be targeted in the different stages of the content marketing funnel.

Chapter 4- How To Plan a Content Marketing Strategy?

Learn step by step how to plan content strategy in this chapter of content marketing guide. Also, with the mentioned example learn how to plan the strategy for your buyers by understanding the buyer’s journey.


Chapter 5- Content Creation- How To Create An Effective Content?

Learn how to create an effective content including steps of creating content, effective tips to write content and common grammar mistakes to be avoided.


Chapter 6- Repurposing Content To Double Your Traffic?

Are you looking the ways to drive more traffic to the site? Then, learn all the tips to repurpose your content and double your traffic in this chapter of content marketing guide.

Chapter 7- How To Promote Or Distribute Your Content?

It’s always good to create less and promote more to get new and retain existing customer. Browse the tips to promote your content on different channels and build the strong online reputation.

Chapter 8- How To Perform Content Measurement And Analyzation?

It is crucial to measure and analyze your content marketing efforts and improve your strategies. If the content marketer is not doing this, he is losing chances to identify new opportunities to implement and improve the content.

Chapter 9- What Is Growth Content Marketing?

Identify new growth content marketing tips and improve your site performance in this chapter of content marketing guide.

Chapter 10- Content Marketing Tools Or Resources

Content Marketer always looks ways to ease the work. Check out the list of the best content marketing tools in this chapter of this guide.

I hope this guide will help you to become a successful content marketer.

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