Chapter 2- How to Generate Content Marketing Ideas?

content marketing ideasContent ideation process is crucial in Content Marketing. Many times content marketers have the content fatigue problems i.e short of content marketing ideas available to create the perfect content. Recognizing the right content is crucial to target the audience and provide valuable information to them. Content ideas should be new, fresh and should be able to drive traffic and conversions.

Here are the important ways on how to generate blog content marketing ideas or content for the site.

For gathering content ideas, you can use the following content ideation methods.

How to Generate Content Marketing Ideas?

1. Using SEMrush Tool

Use SEMrush tool and analyze the competitors and their keywords. As shown in the below snapshot.

Competitor Keywords


So test your site now!

People often asks me that what if the site is new and there are no competitors listed on SEMrush. But I suggest them that you can still research the competitors based on your knowledge of the industry or third party sites. You can also select related keywords or phrases as shown in the below snapshot.

SEMrush Keywords


Create the spreadsheet as shown in the below snapshot. Add at least three keywords of your niche and analyze them if they can be taken for content ideas.

Content Ideas Keyword Sheet

2. Gathering Ideas

For a repository of ideas to utilize them at right time, use tools such as Evernote. Also, browse the sites including Alltop and Feedly as these will help you to get an idea from an existing content. You can also install the Feedly app to check the content on regular basis.

3. Backlink Analysis & Social Media Research

Analyze your competitor’s data about the latest trends and blog posts, backlink analysis, most sharing content. Buzzsumo is the great tool for analyzing the most shared and popular content on social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest.

4. Browsing Information on Other Sites

Check niche specific forums, Quora, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, Linkedin discussions
etc to know what people are discussing online about your industry. This helps in creating the content according to the problems your potential buyers or readers are facing. If you can create a content to provide the solution to their problems, they can turn from your visitors to buyers.

5. Team Discussion

Ideas can be generated by yourself or by performing brainstorm sessions in the group or marketing and sales team, SEO Analysts or social media specialist. Sometimes email queries help in generating the content marketing ideas as you can provide the relevant content what buyer wants from you. So it can also be a win-win situation.

6. Keyword Research And Monitoring

You can perform a keyword research and select keywords and make content on them. Monitor the keyword rankings and add content to the pages if your keyword ranking is falling continuously. This helps in recovering the lost rankings and chance to maintain the SERP position.

7. Competitor Research

Check out the influencers and competitors in your industry and analyze their blog posts for generating the content marketing ideas. This helps in knowing the topic what your competitors are targeting and sharing in order to get buyers to their site. If you can take even an idea then you can outperform your competitors as well by driving them to your site instead of their site.

8. Using Google Tools

Use Google Trends and set Google alerts to know the latest queries typed by the searchers. You can also check the auto-suggestion and related suggestions in Google as shown in the below snapshot. This helps in driving a lot of traffic

9. Researching Knowledge Graph

Featured Snippets or Instant answers are also helpful in providing the topics for content creation. Type your target keywords and see if there are any instant answers or featured snippets for that keyword. If you can create a content which comes in featured snippet or instant answers. Then you can also drive a lot of organic traffic.

Remember to use keywords with good search volume and less keyword difficulty in order to rank higher in SERPs and drive huge traffic to the site.

Ready with an idea!

Now check the next chapter of this content marketing guide for content marketing funnel.

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