5 Tips & Free Blog Post SEO Checklist

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2018)

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‘Content is King’ so before publishing a blog post or writing content for the website, some points need to be checked.

Points to be noted before selecting content

1. Is it informative or not?
2. How likely that it will be shared?
3. Is it organized (i.e., readers can connect well by linking structure)?
4. No industry jargon.
5. Does it cover brand reputation building?
6. Free of typos and spelling and grammar mistake.
7. Visual content is there or not?

Following 5 tips are essential for content writing

1. Content should be Polished- Content should not have grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes and have the following things-

Easy to read.
Keep it simple.
Correct font style.

2.Catchy Headline: Headline should be powerful and have emotional appeal. It should be unique and maintaining 65-70 characters limit. Try to keep it as a list type, i.e. includes number like ‘5 tips..,”, “top 5….”, “5 best…”.

3.Awareness: Content writers should be aware of the user experience and write a content which is Human-Friendly.
User experience includes the following:
Quality Content persuades.
Simple Language speaks to users.
Call to action to increase conversation.
Design should be clean and usable.

It’s a myth that content writer should know SEO, but that is not a case if he knows then that is an additional advantage because interlinking the web pages, placing the call to action, providing human-friendly words, focused keywords is the work of SEO Analyst.

4.Specialization: Content writers should be aware of the niche on which the website is based as it involves deep experience while writing Content.

5.Marketing Awareness: Content writers should not only be aware of Content Marketing but other aspects of Digital marketing as well like Analytics, Press & PR, user experience because it will help in delivering strategic and appealing Content.

Also, check the content marketing strategy that drives huge traffic to the site.

Free Blog Post SEO Checklist before hitting a  ‘publish’ button.

Check out all the points before publishing a blog in this blog post SEO checklist.

1. Serves the Goal: Content should be Goal specific. It should be clearly appealing as if the aim of your website is the sale then it should serve the evidence that influences readers to purchase.

2. Optimized it with target keywords: It should focus on keywords based on high search volume and low competition. Check target keywords for more information. Do not forget to optimize meta tags(Title, Description, Keywords).

3. Linking: Provide both internal and external linking.

4. Magnetic Headline: Headline should have common, uncommon, powerful and emotional words and list type maintaining 65 characters limit.

5. Proper Communication: Communication should be consistent and meet objectives.

6. Image: Visual Content is preferred more so try to include images. Add alt text to it.

7. Readability: It can be read by any device and try to keep it left aligned. Formatting should be proper with H1, H2, H3 tags.

8. Language: Language should not be foul and grab’s reader’s attention. Make sure you proofread it before publishing.

9. Call to action: It is essential because it will keep your readers engaged.

10. Engage readers: Social sharing buttons are very essential.

11. Category: Add the proper category for good user experience.

12. Keyword Optimization: Check the keyword section of Yoast plugin for green as shown in the below snapshot.

Keyword Optimization

13. Content Optimization: Check the content elements including Flesch score, transition words, etc in the Yoast plugin as shown in the snapshot.

Content Optimization

14. Preview: Must check preview before publishing a page or post.

Hope this blog post SEO checklist will increase your visitors and user experience.

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