Five Important Benefits of Blogging for Business & Marketing

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2017)

Benefits of BloggingHaving a Blog is a key element in achieving success for Business and Marketing. It helps in enhancing your Digital Marketing efforts, drive traffic and prospective customers to the site. There are several benefits of Blogging for Business & Marketing. Learn five important benefits of blogging and how it can boost your efforts in Digital Marketing.

1. Boost Your SEO Efforts

The blog helps to improve both on page SEO and link building for your site. By posting blog consistently on your site, you provide Google and other search engines to index your site regularly. This helps in improving your on-page SEO efforts by improving the site’s presence in search engines.

To get rankings on the first page of Google, we build links but over the years link building strategies have changed a lot. It is important to build quality links rather than quantity. According to Penguin Update 4, it is important to build links for the web pages now. A blog gives an opportunity to build the links for your pages and improve the authority of your site. It is difficult to building links for the services pages because it looks like direct promotion. At the same time, the blog helps in building the links in a natural way. Thus it has the high authority.

Influencers and Bloggers link your blog if it is very informative and unique which helps in building the authority in quick time.

2. Helps to Get First Page Rankings

One of the most important benefits of Blogging is to get you the first page rankings. Every business or company wants to rank on the first page of Google but due to the high competition, it is difficult to rank the service pages. But by utilizing long tail keywords on the blog, it is easy to get first page rankings. The blog will not only help to rank keywords but also by providing useful information visitors will turn into customers.

Ex 1- Digital Marketing Services in New York
Ex 2- How to get First Page Rankings in Google

See the above examples. Clearly, you will prefer choosing the second one and if the post attracts and convinces, you will contact to hire the Digital Marketing Services. Also, it is easy to rank the long tail keywords compared to generic keywords due to competitiveness. Thus it is worth hiring Freelance Blogger who knows about the industry well and drive leads or conversions by blogging.

3. Creates Brand Awareness

If you are looking to create branding or brand awareness, then consistently posting blogs on social media channels helps to achieve this goal. It not only helps in driving social traffic but also develops trust and credibility among your followers. People also know that you are expert in your industry and create a loyalty for your brand.

4. Improves Traffic to the Site

The blog helps in improving the overall traffic to the site whether it is social, organic, referral or direct. In Digital Marketing you cannot underestimate even a single channel. Because any channel can click depending on the Digital Marketing efforts and audience. So a blog is a key element for growth hacking and targeting search engines, building links or social media promotions.

5. Powerful Tool for Lead Generation

Driving leads are one of the most important benefits of blogging. It is important to know the content marketing sales funnel for your business or site. By exactly knowing and analyzing your target audience, you can convert visitors into buyers. The blog helps in targeting the right audience and convert them from visitors to buyers by explaining the benefits of the products or services in the funnel. By understanding the importance of using your products and services, people take an important decision of purchase from your site.

So by knowing the numerous benefits of blogging, don’t miss this powerful tool and add the blog as one of your Digital Marketing strategy to stay ahead in the online industry.

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