About Me

I’m Shruti, a freelance Digital Marketer, Certified Inbound Marketer who loves blogging and help to grow the online presence of small businesses and startups.  I am the owner of the blog Rank Digitally which is an initiative taken to spread the knowledge about Digital Marketing. I share the blog posts, guides and other valuable resources which can be easily understood by everyone. It covers all the topics including SEO, Social Media, PPC, Google Analytics and AdWords, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing.

Apart from these I also work on projects on a freelance basis. I know the ins and outs of Digital Marketing so I can be handy in doing projects related to SEO or Social Media Optimization and providing the blog posts anything related to Digital Marketing or other niches. Blogging is an effective channel to build an online reputation and generate leads.  I understand its importance and know how to create an effective and compelling content adhere to the best practices of Content Writing & Marketing. Experienced in writing a relevant content for guest posts following white hat SEO techniques.  I am flexible with respect to working hours. I strictly follow the deadlines and will revise your content until you get satisfied.

As a freelance Digital Marketer, I believe that creative and innovative ideas can drive traffic, conversions and satisfy clients. In addition, I have the ability to accomplish the goals with quality results, huge traffic, build online visibility, search engine, and social media presence. I also ensure to use white hat SEO techniques considering Google Algorithm Updates.

Project approach

My Key Skills are

1. Digital Marketing

2. SEO

3. Social Media Optimization/Promotions

4. SEO Copywriting

5. Blogging

6. Guest Posting

7. Google Analytics

8. Lead Generation

9. Competitor Analysis

10. Creative Link Building



I am currently available for hire on the freelance basis so get in touch with me at shruti@rankdigitally.com.

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Freelance Digital Marketer, Certified Content and Inbound Marketer and Blogger of Rank Digitally, a site based on Digital Marketing Tips & Techniques.