80 20 Rule in Social Media Marketing

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2017)

80 20 RuleEngaging the audience on social media is important for every business to reach the new heights in an online industry. Thus there is a secret formula 80 20 rule in social media marketing. According to this formula, 80% of conversions are generated by 20% marketing efforts. This should be a part of your social media strategy in order to get success as a business on social media. Let’s check this rule in detail.

What is 80 20 Rule?

The rule says that 80% of updates you post on social media should contain non-promotional content which provides value to your customers. It includes entertaining, informative, engaging, educational, emotional, and interesting. This can be in the form of tweets, LinkedIn updates, Facebook posts which should not directly promote your products or services. Instead of direct marketing, provide valuable information to the users in order to capture the leads. 20% of the content can be promotional including offers or discounts.

80% of Quality Content and Make it Shareable

Audiences always like the content which is interesting and informational providing value to them. They react, like and share such content with their followers. Interesting content includes the quiz, polls, business news, inspirational quotes, retweets, etc. These content appeal to the target audience and they share it on their favorite social media accounts. You can make the sharing process easy by following the influencers, sharing content with your followers and engaging with the influencers and asking them to share.

20% of Promotional Content

20% of the content should be related to your business or brand. It includes products, services, special offer, discounts, etc. It should contain the necessary information providing benefits so that audience can make the right decision to buy a particular product or service. Remember to add the call to action so that audience takes the specific action and carry the message to the other users. The content should be compelling to persuade users to purchase the products or services.

You can check the posts in your social media account that which posts are driving more likes, shares, reactions, and comments. Try to share such content more as it will yield positive outputs for your marketing efforts. You can also analyze the content of competitors that what are their highly shareable content. It can work best out for your business or brand as well.

Importance of 80 20 Rule in Social Business

Here are the key points why the 80 20 rule is important for the business.

1. Audience like value additional posts rather than direct pitching of sales to buy the products or services.

2. Informational content builds the strong online presence of the business and makes you as an industry leader in the market.

3. This is the best way to grow your social media profile and followers and keeping the profile active. You also come to know the interest of your audience so that you can focus on promoting such content.

Final Thoughts

Follow the 80 20 rule and make your brand socialize, consistent, sustainable, highly engaging on social media and the strong online presence in the industry.

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