Social Media Optimization Tips

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2018)

social media optimization tips

It is important to optimize your social media profiles in order to drive traffic and conversions on social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. In this post, learn the important social media optimization tips to optimize your profiles on different social media channels. This will help you in getting more engagements, huge traffic and as well as conversions.

Social Media Optimization Tips

1. Increase Followers or Connections

In order to increase the reach of your posts to a broader and relevant audience, it is important to follow people or increase your fans or connections. To get better results, follow or add people to your niche.

2. Social Media Posting Tips

It is important to follow the social media posting tips including maintaining an editorial calendar having a complete schedule of your posts with the target channel.

Create social media posts by selecting your target keywords, add them as a hashtag or check latest or popular hashtag of your niche. Hashtags are used to categorize the targeted keywords in the post. It gained popularity from Twitter then started on Instagram. But now also used for Facebook, Google + and Linkedin. Use the hashtag that looks relevant. Check the usage of hashtags through the example below.

  • Example 1 –
    #Solitairehomes is launching a new event for residential properties. #Pune #Event #Residentialproperty – Wrong usage of Hashtag
  • Example 2 –
    #SolitaireHomes is launching a new event for #ResidentialProperties in #Pune – Right usage of Hashtags

Inferences from the above examples-

1. Capitalization is done to separate words.
2. Ideally, 2 Hashtags give more engagement, according to a recent study apart from Instagram.
3. Hashtags are used relevantly in a sentence not just all at the end.

Best Days to post on social media channels

Facebook – Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Twitter – Wednesday
LinkedIn- Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
Google + – Wednesday

Note: This is not standard and may vary according to your the reach of your site and Google Analytics reports.

Optimize image and use proper dimensions for social media posts according to the social media channel you are using. This is best explained with the help of this infographic by Digital Information World.

Social Media Optimization Tips


Frequency of posts
Facebook- 1-2 per day
Twitter- 5 per day
Google +- 1-2 per day

Best Time to post
Facebook – 1-4 pm
Twitter- 1 -3 pm

Note: This is not standard and may vary according to Google Analytics reports.

Important Tip – Utilize the scheduling feature for all your social media channels, track the URLs by building them and analyze your post-performance.

3. Increase Reach of Your Posts

Use the trendy hashtag and publish your social media posts on Facebook, G+ and LinkedIn Groups or communities of your niche.

4. Identify the Right Channel

It is important to identify the right social media channel in order to target the posts and social media posting tips accordingly. Choose the channel which is best for your industry from Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter and follow organic social media marketing and social media optimization tips for that channel.

5. Connect With Your Audience

It is not only important to post but to interact with your audience by liking or replying to their comments or queries.

6. Add social sharing buttons

Add social warfare WordPress Plugins in order to increase your social traffic by sharing on different multiple channels by your audience. This will help in building authority and credibility in your industry.

7. Free Social Media Tools

Here is the list of social media tools to be used for different social media channels

Facebook– Facebook Business Manager, Open Metagraph plugin for WordPress, Hootsuite, Canva, GIMP, Buffer

Twitter – JM Twitter card plugin for WordPress, Hootsuite, Canva, GIMP, Buffer

Linkedin – Hootsuite, Canva, GIMP, Buffer

Google + – Hootsuite, Canva, GIMP, Buffer

A brief information about the above-mentioned tools

Facebook Business Manager– It is used to organize account managers within Facebook.

Open Meta Graph & JM Twitter Card for WordPress- It is used to fetch the meta title and description of your shared link to the image.

Hootsuite- It is a free tool for managing 3 social profiles and helpful in scheduling and posting simultaneously on all social channels.

Canva– It is easy to use tool for designing images if you don’t have knowledge of web designing.

Buffer- It can be used to schedule and maintain three social media profiles.

GIMP- It has various uses, but I mainly use it for reducing image size and optimizing it to 100kb without deteriorating the quality of the image. Check out the below video on optimizing the image in simple steps.

I hope these social media optimization tips will help you to optimize channels in a better way and help in achieving the desired results in social media marketing efforts.

Over To You!
Share your comments on the channel that works best for you and how you optimized it.

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