5 CPM Advertising Sites to Make Money Online

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2017)

CPM AdvertisingCPM or Cost per Thousand Impressions advertising is the best way to make money online in a quick time. It is calculated as follows by the following formula.

CPM- Cost/Total Impressions*1000

It means even if the visitor views the ad then you can make money online through CPM advertising.

There are many benefits of CPM ad Network as described below.

1. It is the best for the Affiliates who don’t have the traffic for targeted keywords.

2. CPM Ad network can be placed easily anywhere on the site.

3. This is highly beneficial as the visitors don’t need to click the ad and publishers get the payments for the impressions as well.

Here is the list of sites for earning money from the CPM payout model.

1. PropellerAds

This is the best CPM advertising network to earn handsome money in 2017 in a quick time. It is very easy to create an account and all you need is to verify the domain of the site. It follows the net 30 payment cycle after minimum payout of 100$. The best thing is you may start earning from day one itself. The reporting is real time but and you get the payments by creating an account on Payoneer

2. Amazon CPM Ads

Amazon is possibly the best Monetization solution for the Affiliates. But the only limitation is that it is available to the selected Publishers only. If you have an Amazon Associate account then you can see if you have the Amazon CPM option or not. For more details, check the Amazon CPM FAQs.

3. HillTopAds

This is also a great CPM Advertising network that makes you stand out through their anti-ad blocker technology ensuring you get the payment for your traffic. It can be used for banner ads and popup under ads. The minimum payout should be 50$ and you can easily get it through Payoneer or Bitcoin.

4. AdBuff

If you’re looking for high-quality ad network then AdBuff is a good solution. But you should have good traffic on your blog and minimum 2000 unique visitors per day. It provides highest CPM rates for the banner ads. The interface is easy to use and has a mobile app for Android and IoS devices. The minimum payout should be 100$ and you get the payments through PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin and wire transfer.

5. ClickAdu

It is a popup under CPM advertising program. You can easily start with it and even gets approval only in 24 hours. Remember as these are pop up under ads so not recommended for the quality sites as they will affect the usability of visitors. The minimum payout is 100$ and you can easily get through the Payoneer, E- payment and wire transfer.

Note: Don’t use with Adsense

Now that you know all the CPM ad sites, monetize your blog and make money online quickly. Remember to complete the payment details as you may start making the money from the day one itself.

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